19 September 2016
by Maureen Ahmad, Director of Brand Strategy and Content

Erasing the Line Between Content Creation and Engagement

When does audience engagement begin? Hint: it should be well before the content goes live. With crowdsourcing and co-creation, audience engagement begins before the content is even a reality—this new approach to marketing gives fans and consumers the opportunity to work alongside a brand to actually create content, rather than simply exposing them to the finished product. By assuming an active role in content creation, fans create a personal connection to the brand.
12 September 2016

Lenovo’s Partnership with Emoji Artist Yung Jake Makes Everyone an Artist

In our digital world, where World Emoji Day is celebrated and a picture is worth more than a thousand words, emojis are a wildly popular form of verbal and visual expression. Artist Yung Jake is taking this form of visual expression one step farther, creating original pieces of art using emojis as his paintbrush and virtual canvas.
25 August 2016
by Eric Xia, Halo Yoga Product Planning Manager, PC & Smart Devices, Lenovo

#ThrowbackThursday: Yoga Line Bends the Perception of Convertible Devices

16 August 2016

New Lenovo™ Virtual Reality-ready IdeaPad™ Y910 Strikes Hard

Today we launched the new IdeaPad Y910 gaming laptop at gamescom®. It supports the most advanced experiences 4K gaming and VR have to offer with crisp frame rates and reduced screen tearing.
16 August 2016

Virtual Reality Gaming Gets Real with Lenovo™ PCs

Today at gamescom®, we’re demonstrating the latest model of our Oculus Ready IdeaCentre™ Y700 gaming desktop by showing one of this year’s must-see releases from Oculus Rift®.