20 June 2017

Lenovo ThinkAgile – Simplicity and Agility of Cloud for Enterprise Environment

There are significant, paradigm shifts happening in data centers.  As IT continues to evolve, we’ve seen a move away from expensive, “big iron” to more affordable server options.  This provides significant hardware savings, but also increases management complexity.  And most, if not all, of the major IT advances over the past years have been about simplifying that management workload.
12 June 2017

Lenovo is set to shine at VivaTech 2017

Building on the success of its partnership with VivaTech 2016, Lenovo will return for a second year with a major presence in 2017. It will offer a host of activities including keynotes, conferences, live product demos, innovation showcases and launch an exciting start up challenge on Motorola technology.
01 June 2017

5 Time-Saving Hacks from the Yoga™ 720

If there’s one trait that defines (or perhaps plagues) modern life above all others, it’s speed. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or racing somewhere in between, you’re probably feeling squeezed by a variety of pressures that leave you wondering why there’s never enough time in the day. Understandably, a growing number of us now consider time a commodity more precious than money.

18 May 2017

The All-New Lenovo™ IdeaPad™ Laptop Family

Consisting of the IdeaPad 720, 520, and 320 and IdeaPad 720S, 520S and 320S in S (slim) configurations, our new family of six Lenovo IdeaPads is ideally suited to modern consumer tastes in style, form and function. 
17 May 2017

Lenovo and Google Collaborating on Daydream Standalone VR headset

Lenovo and Google are coming together again. This time, we’re collaborating on a new immersive virtual reality product that’s designed for everyday consumers.
20 April 2017

From Grassroots to Global Impact: Lenovo’s Journey to Sustainability

Earth Day gives us an annual reminder to appreciate what our teams around the world do every day, reflect upon the progress we’ve made and identify the continued work we have to do. 
19 April 2017

Part Laptop, Part Tablet, The Lenovo Flex 11 Represents a New Generation of Consumer Chromebooks

Lenovo makes a play for mainstream consumers with the new Lenovo Flex 11 Chromebook. Packing the fun of a tablet with the power punch of a PC, and designed with Android™ apps in mind, the Flex 11 is a 2-in-1 laptop optimized for entertainment and productivity. Its 360° hinge and 11.6" multi-touch display gives users the flexibility to shift between four dynamic modes (watch, tent, laptop, and tablet) for any combination of work and play activities. Powered by a 2.10 GHz Quad Core ARM processor, the Flex 11 is built for seamlessly running apps from the Chrome Web Store, and soon, the Google Play Store. Combine all of that with a lightweight durable design, up to 10-hour battery life, USB Type-C connectivity, and the robust security, and you have a winning, simple to use Chromebook that does it all.
12 April 2017

#BetterNeverStops: How We Pursue Innovation

With such a broad range of devices - PCs, smartphones, tablets, servers and more - we must think differently to meet the needs of our customers. From teens looking for the latest smartphone that can adapt with a mod, or business professionals looking for lightweight but powerful and multimode devices, or an IT manager that’s looking to update an aging data center, our technology is far-reaching. 
06 April 2017

Global Week of Service Gives Locally, Impacts Globally

The theme of our 2017 Kickoff different is better certainly applied to the work our 2,000 volunteers across the globe did this week. They gave back to their local communities during our first Global Week of Service, making a difference with projects devoted to education and preserving the environment.  
04 April 2017

A Week of Giving Back: The Lenovo Way

This week, more than 2,000 Lenovians in more than 20 countries will engage in service for their local communities. Some of the service projects will focus on education and the environment, and many of them will help benefit minorities in underserved communities and individuals with disabilitie