22 September 2016

Mars Cinema Group provides five-star customer service supported by Lenovo infrastructure

Mars Cinema Group suffered from increasingly frequent server outages, disrupting operations and resulting in customer complaints. To keep key ticketing and sales systems online and to provide customers with the best possible cinema experience, Mars decided on an enterprise-wide infrastructure refresh. The company is currently working with Lenovo Business Partner Novatech to replace its entire data center infrastructure with Lenovo technology. Today, system performance and availability have dramatically improved, so that customers can be sure of catching the latest blockbusters.
09 September 2016

Isle of Anglesey County Council Delivers Innovative Digital Services on Flexible Lenovo Infrastructure

Faced with large budget cuts, the Isle of Anglesey County Council wanted to ensure that the quality of public services remained high and customer satisfaction remained strong. To meet changing pressures and demands, the council replaced its aging IT infrastructure with a flexible and powerful Lenovo System server solution. Today, the council can offer exciting new digital services, such as agile working for staff and a smartphone application for citizens, all while cutting energy costs by up to 60 percent.
15 August 2016

Freudenberg IT delivers SAP HANA services with Lenovo

Freudenberg IT (FIT) serves hundreds of clients with hosted SAP HANA solutions. When a client’s business needs change, being able to scale easily and cost-effectively is critical. FIT is delivering hosted solutions based on flexible, scalable Lenovo Solution for SAP HANA appliances at significantly reduced operational costs.
27 June 2016

Zentis Poland Supports Growing Business with Lenovo Flex System

Zentis Poland relies heavily on virtualization technology to keep operations running smoothly, with almost 100 percent of business systems running on its VMware environment. With demand for fruit preserves and confectionaries increasing, Zentis Poland deployed Lenovo Flex System and gained a highly flexible, super-scalable server platform – enabling the company to meet growing demand quickly and easily.

“We are confident that Flex System will enable us to meet business demands now and in the future, as Zentis Poland continues to grow.”
 —Dariusz Wyrebiak, IT Manager, Zentis Poland
27 June 2016

PEPCO Poland Supports Domestic Growth and International Expansion with Lenovo Server Platform

Expanding rapidly – both in the domestic market and abroad – discount retail chain PEPCO Poland wanted to ensure that its systems and processes could stand up to the demands of increasingly large and complex operations. Today, the company runs mission-critical business applications on a flexible and powerful Lenovo server platform with Intel® technologies, giving the business the headroom it needs to grow productively and profitably.

“Having a single server platform enables us to rapidly react to emerging business needs and to quickly troubleshoot any issues before they result in downtime.”
 —Slawomir Stanek, IT Architect, PEPCO Poland
15 June 2016

University of Adelaide Research Soars to New Heights with Lenovo Supercomputer

The University of Adelaide, one of Australia’s leading research universities, wanted to better support researchers from a wide range of disciplines. Previously, researchers had to compete for limited external HPC facilities, which often left groups without enough compute resources or resulted in delays in securing access. With Phoenix, a supercomputer based on a Lenovo NeXtScale System M5 cluster with over 3,800 Intel® Xeon® processor cores, the university can now offer researchers a powerful, state-of-the-art research tool, helping to enhance its status as a world-class research center.
“Our supercomputer enables researchers to access a facility exponentially larger than the limited portions of shared facilities they previously relied on.”
 —Mark Gregory, CIO, University of Adelaide
23 March 2016

Kwizda Group Gains Real-Time Business Insights With Lenovo and SAP

Kwizda Group wanted to strengthen the market-leading position of its pharmaceuticals wholesale business division by enabling it to respond to market trends faster than the competition. To gain real-time business insights, Kwizda implemented SAP S/4HANA with the Lenovo System x3950 X6 solution for SAP HANA solution, featuring Intel Xeon E7 processors.
09 March 2016

Biogemma accelerates genomic research with Lenovo

Biotech firm Biogemma needed to ramp up its computational power to enable faster analysis of larger and more complex genomic data sets. By deploying an HPC cluster based on Lenovo NeXtScale nx360 M5, and a large-memory system based on a Lenovo System x3850 X6 server, the firm significantly increased performance—cutting run times from hours to minutes; typically over a 90 percent improvement—and eliminated the need to queue for computational resources.
24 February 2016

winnovation helps customers make better business decisions with Lenovo and SAP

IT service provider winnovation specializes in delivering business intelligence capabilities to a broad range of customers, of many different sizes and in multiple industries.
winnovation’s customers must react to changing market conditions faster than the competition and rapid access to sales and performance figures is essential. To do this, companies must analyze large amounts of data and spot patterns early. winnovation wanted to enable its customers to improve business intelligence reporting by delivering real-time data for quicker and better-informed management decisions.
24 February 2016

Unistar PRO sharpens its competitive edge with SAP and Lenovo

As one of the leading IT services providers in Slovenia, Unistar PRO planned to expand its reach into other Central European countries, while ensuring it stayed ahead of domestic competitors. To do this, the company decided to expand its portfolio and offer SAP HANA in the cloud. To adequately support this new venture, Unistar PRO recognized the need to deploy additional servers from Lenovo.