28 June 2017

Electrica Furnizare S.A. powers better customer services with super-convenient web and mobile apps

More than 20 years of liberalization has transformed Romania’s energy sector. Today, businesses and households are no longer restricted to state-owned companies – they can pick and choose energy suppliers as they please to get the best deals and the best services. To deliver the control that customers crave, Electrica Furnizare S.A. launched slick web and mobile apps that offer quick, easy access to their energy accounts. The company worked closely with Lenovo and partner Entex S.R.L. to implement a flexible, software-defined infrastructure from Lenovo as the foundation for these services.
20 June 2017

Calligo boosts data privacy in the cloud to comply with tough new regulations

The European Union’s forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation represents a seismic shift in data protection. To allay clients’ growing concerns over where their data resides in a cloud environment, Calligo decided to launch Microsoft Azure cloud services hosted in its own jurisdictions on Lenovo ThinkAgile systems. The company is working closely with Lenovo to make this vision a reality – giving clients the services they want and the data protection they need.
20 June 2017

PartnerIT helps clients keep their businesses running smoothly with hyperconverged enterprise cloud infrastructure from Lenovo and Nutanix

To keep its cloud services running like clockwork even as its clients’ data exploded, PartnerIT wanted the ability to scale its infrastructure rapidly. By embracing a hyperconverged compute and storage environment based on the Lenovo Converged HX3500 Appliance and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform software, PartnerIT boosts performance, increases reliability and enables straightforward scalability – helping it provide outstanding services now and in the future.
14 June 2017

Braathe Gruppen takes the stress out of IT with flexible cloud services

To keep service levels high as demand for cloud computing continues to rise, IT services provider Braathe Gruppen replaced its traditional storage area network (SAN) system with cutting-edge software-defined storage technology. The solution is based on Microsoft Windows Server with Hyper-V and Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) running on Lenovo System x3650 M5 servers, equipped with powerful Intel® Xeon® E5 processors and Intel S3710 high-endurance SSDs. 
14 June 2017

Fuzhou Branch of the People’s Bank of China keeps up with growing demand with Lenovo and Nutanix

As a major regional hub for the People’s Bank of China, Fuzhou Branch must manage and process enormous volumes of data. To keep operations running smoothly, the branch replaced its aging Storage Area Network (SAN)-based infrastructure with three Lenovo Converged HX5510 appliances, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors and integrated with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform software. The cutting-edge hyperconverged infrastructure platform delivers the scalability and reliability that Fuzhou Branch needs – without breaking the bank.
14 June 2017

Litewire delivers super-scalable, high-margin client services with software-defined infrastructure from Lenovo

To meet the needs of its growing enterprise client base, hosting and colocation services provider Litewire decided to build its existing infrastructure with Lenovo servers featuring Intel® Xeon® processors. In combination with VMware virtualization technology, the Lenovo solution provides the company with software-defined infrastructure that is simple to manage. Easy scalability enables Litewire to offer flexible client services more cost-effectively, sharpening its competitive edge.
09 June 2017

Industrial Bank unleashes innovation with Lenovo and Nutanix

Industrial Bank protected its competitive edge by giving its research and design (R&D) teams the tools to work more effectively, without letting costs spiral out of control. Offering the engineers virtual desktops running on Lenovo Converged HX3310 appliances powered by Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform software and Intel® Xeon® processors, the bank simplified management of the environment while raising performance; enabling easier compliance, lower costs and, most importantly, boosting the productivity of R&D to keep innovation at the top of its agenda.
09 June 2017

Golden United builds rock-solid foundation to support competitive construction business

Property development company Golden United offers services covering everything from initial investment and financing, design and construction through to managing residential and commercial buildings. By implementing a hyperconverged infrastructure from Lenovo and Nutanix powered by Intel® Xeon® E5 processors, Golden United gained the perfect platform to keep its core business systems running reliably – while cutting costs and slashing maintenance requirements.
09 June 2017

Shanghai ALL IN FINANCE Service Co., Ltd. powers eye-opening big data analytics with hyperconverged infrastructure from Lenovo and Nutanix

To meet client demand for analytics services, Shanghai ALL IN FINANCE Service Co., Ltd. needed a new infrastructure capable of running extremely data-intensive analyses. With a hyperconverged infrastructure from Lenovo and Nutanix, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, the company gained the stability, scalability and performance it needs to run big data analytics and deliver new insights into end-customer behavior.
26 May 2017

Exeter College ensures seamless student and staff services with scalable Lenovo infrastructure

With operations growing and student numbers continuing to rise, Exeter College’s existing IT infrastructure couldn’t keep up. The college migrated its mission-critical applications on virtual servers to Lenovo Flex System – a flexible, easily-scalable platform powered by Intel® Xeon® that delivers high levels of performance –  ensuring that student services run uninterrupted even as demand rises.