23 February 2017

Ernsting’s family GmbH & Co. KG supports rapidly expanding operations with super-scalable Lenovo Flex System

As business blossomed, clothing retailer Ernsting’s family GmbH & Co. KG, found that its existing IT infrastructure was struggling to cope with increased demand. Working closely with Lenovo partner CANCOM, the company implemented a high-performance, highly scalable Lenovo Flex System solution capable of supporting mission-critical systems even as business volumes soar.
13 February 2017

Loras College keeps student services running full speed ahead with innovative data center technology from Lenovo

With hundreds of students and faculty members all trying to log on to Loras College’s systems at once every day, it’s little wonder its aging infrastructure couldn’t keep up. To boost performance and accelerate response times, the college deployed a software-defined infrastructure based on Lenovo System x3650 M5 servers and StorMagic SvSAN virtualization technology. Supported by the Lenovo solution, Loras College now delivers smooth, seamless IT services – helping to further students’ learning.
08 February 2017

Carlsbad Municipal School District goes to the top of the class thanks to VDI powered by Lenovo

To make it quicker and easier for students to access educational resources, Carlsbad Municipal School District wanted to virtualize the desktops in its school computer labs. By replacing its aging IT infrastructure with a flexible and powerful Lenovo Flex System solution, the district gained the performance and scalability needed to support a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) – improving access to learning materials.
08 February 2017

EFFISION Australia keeps money moving with super-scalable Lenovo System x servers

Growing rapidly, EFFISION Australia found that its existing IT infrastructure struggled to cope with increasing volumes of payment transactions. VMware vSphere with vSAN running on Lenovo System x3650 servers provides the flexibility and scalability that EFFISION needs as it continues to grow its client base and product portfolio.
12 January 2017

GOAL Academy High School delivers grade-A academic services to students with Lenovo technology

GOAL Academy High School delivers academic courses and learning material to students online. But without a centralized server infrastructure in place, the school found it increasingly difficult to react rapidly to curriculum changes, and often suffered from unplanned outages. To boost agility, performance and reliability, GOAL Academy implemented the Lenovo Converged HX3500 Series appliance with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform software. Supported by the Lenovo solution, GOAL Academy can give students anytime access to up to date learning material – without interruption.
09 January 2017

Babes-Bolyai University Supports World-Class Academic Research with the Most Powerful University Supercomputer in Romania

To push the boundaries of knowledge, researchers thirst for access to high-performance computing resources that will analyze data and produce results faster. To fulfill this desire, Babes-Bolyai University, one of Romania’s leading research universities, worked with ETA2U to implement a Lenovo Intelligent Cluster based on Lenovo NeXtScale M5 compute nodes and powered by over 1,000 Intel® Xeon® processor cores. Today, the university can provide all researchers with the resources they need to run complex, compute-intensive experiments, enhancing its reputation as a first-rate center for research.
14 December 2016

University Hospital Olomouc supports round-the-clock care with Lenovo Flex System

To ensure round-the-clock healthcare services, University Hospital Olomouc needed to put a rock-solid disaster recovery process in place. By deploying Lenovo Flex System solutions at both its primary and secondary data centers, the hospital is guaranteed that, in the event of disaster at one site, mission-critical applications fail over to the other – enabling hospital operations to continue running as normal
14 December 2016

Virtual BackOffice delivers on customer demand for fast, flexible cloud services with Lenovo Flex System

To meet increasing demand for cloud computing from its customer base, Merkl IT relies on Lenovo Flex System to support its Virtual BackOffice managed cloud services. Able to quickly, easily and flexibly configure the Lenovo solution to meet each customer’s individual needs, Merkl IT can deliver high-performance, highly reliable cloud services, and keep ahead of the competition.
15 November 2016

CINECA supports ground-breaking scientific research with a state-of-the-art supercomputing solution

High-performance computing at CINECA in Italy enables scientists to transform data into new insight across disciplines including physics, chemistry, astronomy, medicine, and urban planning. To maintain the institution’s status as a major global player in academic research, and to help teams conduct vital research in topics such as the human brain and precision medicine, CINECA decided to deploy its new supercomputing architecture, Marconi, rolled out in phases and expected to be completed in June 2017.
15 November 2016

Gulf Ocean Trading gets an SAP HANA advantage with an integrated solution from Lenovo

As a retailer, Gulf Ocean Trading needs to serve its customers quickly and effectively. To speed up core trading systems and to provide real-time visibility into operations, the company migrated its SAP ERP landscape from HP ProLiant servers to an integrated SAP HANA in-memory solution from Lenovo. Based on its success in accelerating processes and reporting, while supporting round-the-clock operations, the company chose the same solution to support its new manufacturing business.