01 December 2015

Lenovo Volunteers Spread Holiday Cheer to Flood-Hit Community

Lenovo is a long-standing supporter of local Boys & Girls Clubs in North Carolina. This year, the Lenovo Employees Care program expanded the relationship with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. When floods devastated South Carolina in October, we contacted the Boys & Girls Clubs’ national headquarters to see how we could help.
30 November 2015

Lenovo Makes the Interbrand Top 100 List: A Decade that Transformed the Lenovo Brand

Lenovo has come a long way as a company and global brand since acquiring IBM’s former PC business in 2005. Although in recent years we’ve achieved great business and technological success around the world, our brand recognition was always a step behind.
Today’s announcement by Interbrand that Lenovo is a ‘Top 100 global brand’ signifies that times have changed and that we are well on our way to becoming a truly globally-recognized brand.
30 November 2015

Lenovo CEO Funds Scholarship at UNC-Chapel Hill Medical School

North Carolina is a special place to Lenovo’s chairman and CEO Yuanqing Yang (YY). Not only is NC where Lenovo’s North American headquarters are located, but also a place where YY has called home and his children have attended school. He’s also very passionate about the research and innovation happening in the state at places like UNC-Chapel Hill, an institution close to YY's heart. For those reasons, it’s fitting that UNC-Chapel Hill's School of Medicine announced the inaugural scholarship recipients for the Yang Family Biomedical Scholars.
30 November 2015

We’re Building an Indie Game…and We Need You to Join Us

We know what you’re thinking. No, we aren’t developing a game on our own. We know it takes more than creating gaming products to know what would make a great indie game.
We are, however, partnering with indie game company Dark Rift and gaming influencersRooster TeethFunhausFelicia DayNerdistMichele Morrow (part of Nerdist), Geek and SundryMachinima, and Inside Gaming to develop the next breakout indie game – and we need you to join us.
30 November 2015

An Inside Look at Lenovo’s Engineering Engine

The technology industry’s rapid pace of innovation makes sourcing Lenovo’s next big idea especially exciting. We’re working on the future of wearables, smart devices, home technology and so much more. We sat down with our Chief Technology Officer, Peter Hortensius, to talk about what inspired him to become an engineer, and how he leads his R&D teams to develop new, transformative devices.
13 November 2015

Hyperconvergence, Convergence, Software-Defined and the Data Center Story

Ask five technologists what cloud, hyperconvergence and software-defined infrastructure mean, and you will get five (or more) different answers. That’s because there are no standard definitions of these buzz words. You cannot ignore them. In fact, you need to understand these concepts so you can make the best decision for your business.
11 November 2015

Migrate from RISC/Unix to Lenovo X6

Many businesses today continue to run critical applications and store important data in RISC/Unix silos. Aging RISC/Unix-based servers don't provide the flexibility or agility to support today's business needs, or a path to cloud computing.
03 September 2015

Making Sense of RealSense™

One of our most popular demos at Lenovo Tech World – Intel CEO Brian Krzanich making a figurine of our CEO using Intel® RealSense™ technology.  But RealSense is not just a novelty – it has endless real-world practical applications.  
24 August 2015


A reindeer herder in Norway tracks his herd…
A school teacher in Greece uses animation and stop-motion filming to turn students onto academics…
A graduate student in Germany pursues her master’s degree in economics, law and politics…
A banjo player in Finland masters his craft...
The thread connecting all these distinct and amazing individuals – Lenovo PCs.
24 July 2015

Retro ThinkPad Survey 3: What’s Under the Hood?

Last week we launched the second in a series of surveys related to the “Retro Thinkpad” concept. Well over 6000 people have weighed in with their opinions on additional keyboard details and detailed display preferences. People are also continuing to take survey one, which is great to see. We will continue to keep all of the surveys open until we have completed the entire series. We want to gather as much data as possible and give our customers the opportunity to shape the potential offering. Click here to take survey 1 or here to take survey 2 if you have not responded yet.