25 February 2016

Tablet Press Briefing at Mobile World Congress

Jeff Meredith, VP and GM, Tablet Business, Lenovo speaks at Mobile World Congress about the state of the tablet business. 
15 February 2016

Dr. Zoltan Takacs: World Renowned Scientist And Adventurer #ThinkStories

Dr. Zoltan Takacs is a world renowned scientist and explorer specializing in venom research to find tomorrow’s cure for life-threatening diseases. Catching his first venomous snake at the age of 14, Dr. Takacs was intrigued by nature’s beauty and unknown. He sought to take his passion for snakes and other deadly creatures into continued education and eventually a career as a venom researcher. To meet the demands of his arduous research trips that originates in the bustling streets of New York City to the untouched grounds of the Amazon rainforest or pristine seas of the southern Pacific, Dr. Takacs relies on his ThinkPad’s performance, reliability and portability to power his work in any environment he is in.
10 February 2016

Valentine’s Day Inspirations by Lenovo

This Valentine’s Day, a boy finds inspiration from a few unexpected sources. Learn more about the Lenovo YOGA Tablet 3 at http://lnv.gy/yoga
21 January 2016

Yang Family Bio-medical Scholars Program

Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang recently announced a scholarship and partnership with the UNC School of Medicine. These donated funds will allow three faculty members to further their research and work in healthcare innovations. This video spotlights the UNC faculty and their plans for the future.
20 November 2014

Lenovo REACHit Demo

Lenovo REACHit makes managing your files simpler. Easily search, access, organize, and share files no matter where they are stored with one easy-to-use app.