05 November 2018

Lenovo Opens the Unstaffed Convenience Store of Tomorrow

Meet Lenovo’s entirely automated store, Lenovo Lecoo Unmanned Store, which launched last week at Lenovo’s new Beijing campus. Shopping at the store is quite simple. You walk up to the door, cameras recognize your face, you browse the aisles, pick out what you want as usual, then—and here’s the magic—you just walk out, and your account is automatically settled via your mobile payment.
31 October 2018

Creativity and Innovation Collide in Malta at Trojan Horse was a Unicorn

Once you move past the name, you’re left with a week-long creative fest in Malta, where animators, directors, visual effects artists and other innovators descend to get their batteries topped up. This self-described “Tribe” of curious collaborators includes everyone from fledgling artists and students to the Visual Effects lead on Black Panther, Animation Supervisor for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Character Artist for God of War.

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Lenovo Announce Design Patent License Agreement for Virtual Reality Headsets

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) and Lenovo announced today they have signed a two-year patent license agreement.  The agreement provides Lenovo with a license to use SIE’s patented PlayStation®VR (PS VR) industrial design for the Lenovo Mirage Solo virtual reality headset. 
29 October 2018

Lenovo Employees Pledge to "Love On" and Celebrate Community

On Monday, October 22, Lenovo changed its name on our website, social platforms, and office buildings to “Love on.” The anagram’s takeover recognized the formal launch of the Lenovo Foundation, symbolizing Lenovo’s commitment to global charity and corporate citizenship.
26 October 2018

Lenovo’s Newest Campus Opens in Beijing

On October 22, 2018, Lenovo officially opened its new campus in the Phase II of Zhongguancun Software Park, the high-tech zone in the northwest of Beijing. The 120,000-square-meter main building with six floors is now home to the company’s 10,000-strong local workforce.
21 October 2018

Lenovo Launches Charitable Foundation with Message to Love On

Lenovo formally launched the Lenovo Foundation, a charitable and philanthropic arm of the global company. The Foundation will strengthen Lenovo’s ongoing commitment to increase access to STEM education and empower diverse and underserved communities through global grant making and employee engagement. To celebrate the launch of its Foundation, for one day Lenovo is rebranding itself to ‘Love On’, an anagram of its name.
21 October 2018

Empowering Diversity and Closing the Technology Gap

We believe a diversity of ideas makes the world a better and more interesting place. As a business, we’ve benefitted from this diversity. The diversity of our employees -- where they live, their nationality, and their unique perspectives and experiences -- has helped us grow from our beginnings as a small start-up in Beijing to the global technology company we are today.
21 October 2018

Lenovo Offers Local Responses to Global Natural Disasters

Lenovo has the ability to work closely with its global employee base to ensure that disasters are correctly responded to. With 52,000 employees in over 160 countries, Lenovo is able to enhance its evaluation with a local understanding of community needs and impact. In 2018 alone, Lenovo’s employees in India worked as a committee to respond to the devastating 2018 floods in the southern Kerala state.
21 October 2018

Lenovo Hosts 200 Disadvantaged Students in Beijing for STEM Activities

With support from the Lenovo Foundation, the Lenovo China Volunteer Association (LCVA) has been working with Horizon Corporate Volunteer Consultancy (HCVC) to benefit Beijing New Hope Day School, a school dedicated to serving the underprivileged children of migrant workers.
21 October 2018

Lenovo Launches Love On Mini Grants for NGOs

On October 22, the Lenovo Foundation will be launching the Love On Mini Grant campaign. Applications are open to charitable NGOs around the world that are registered 501(c)3 non-profit organizations or their charitable equivalents. A total of $150k USD will be given to organizations who propose new and innovative ideas for engaging minority, under resourced and diverse populations in STEM education.