Lenovo gives the laurel wreath tradition a twist.

The podium celebration has always been one of the most iconic moments of any sporting event. Up until the mid 80’s, the winning F1® drivers celebrated their victory on the track by wearing large laurel wreaths.

For this year’s trophy, Lenovo elevated this tradition through purposeful design and smarter technology.

Inspired design.

This year’s trophy was inspired by the laurel wreath tradition, China’s rich culture and the speed of F1.

  • The circular design with gold leaf accents is a sleek and modern take on the traditional olive wreath.
  • 2024 is the Chinese “Year of the Dragon.”
  • The twist in the circle is inspired by the movement of a dragon.
  • The circular shape of the trophy represents the Chinese people’s pursuit of perfection and happiness (圆满 Yuánmǎn – Perfect) as well as the driver’s relentless pursuit of victory.

Elevating tradition with technology.

The trophy features a proximity sensor that activates the trophy’s light pattern called “Chase a Loop” that symbolizes the speed at which F1 cars race around the track. The sensor can be activated when the winning driver lifts the trophy overhead or when placed around the driver’s neck.

Partners in Passion.

Two passionate innovators come together to elevate F1 with smarter technology.

Smarter technology is embedded in everything from the race to the track to the live broadcast. Now, it’s even in the trophy.