08 May 2018

The Wild Immersion and Lenovo Mirage™ Solo VR: Because the Earth is More than just a Statistic

Did you know that:
  • Earth’s population of wild animals declined 58 percent in 40 years, an average decline of 2 percent a year.1
  • Protected areas cover only 15 percent of the Earth’s land surface.2
  • The number one cause of the decline is habitat loss and degradation.1
Do you feel surprised? Concerned? Indifferent? Whatever the case, reading about a few statistics is worlds apart from actually witnessing the widespread loss and destruction of habitat first hand. But not all of us can go to the disappearing rainforests of the Amazon or the melting ice caps of the Antarctica to see this for ourselves. That’s why LenovoTM is collaborating with The Wild Immersion, endorsed by The Jane Goodall Institute, to make virtual reality (VR) a more immersive and memorable way to raise awareness about our environment.
20 April 2018

Innovating for the Environment - Beyond the Device

With the growing awareness on global climate change, the tech industry at large has been searching for ways to reduce their overall environmental impact. By implementing new, sustainable practices into our production and packaging methods, Lenovo is working to solve for the challenges that come with the use of plastics in consumer electronics.
07 March 2018

Talking Diversity in the Workplace for International Women’s Day with Lenovo Women Leaders

We’re recognizing International Women’s Day (IWD) and the progress we’re making in increasing the number of women executives across our business It aligns with the IWD theme of Press for Progress as we continue to focus on increasing our diversity and strengthening our inclusive culture. We talked with some of our female leaders in our Business Transformation/Information Technology, EMEA geography and Data Center Group and asked them to share their perspectives on what diversity means to them and how they’ve overcome challenges to get where they are today.
04 December 2017

7,000 Miles into the Melting Ice: Mission Arctic Expedition Reflections

Over the past six months, we’ve followed the Mission Arctic crew members as they sailed across the world, battling inclement weather and dangerous conditions in a race against time to complete an epic mission. The team sailed during the Arctic’s brief thawing period and used Lenovo Think-branded products to help guide the way through the treacherous glacial waters. We’re catching up with Nicolas Peissel for one last chat about the team’s adventure and what they’ll do with the research they gathered during three-and-a-half months at sea. The crew members will be on dry land until May, when they’ll depart on the Mission Arctic 2018 archaeological research adventure: “Searching for Bones.”
14 November 2017

NC State University Helps Curb Climate Change’s Effect on Food and Water Supply with AI

Agriculture accounts for about 70 percent of the total global freshwater consumption, but fluctuations in temperature and rainfall around the world are exacerbating the potential for drought and floods around the world. Even the most minor of environmental changes can be felt across the food and agriculture supply chain.

North Carolina State University’s (NCSU) research program, in partnership with Lenovo, is actively invested in addressing the effects of climate change on the agricultural ecosystem.
24 October 2017

Chasing Glaciers with Mission Arctic

With polar bear encounters, weathering dangerous storms, and surviving life on board, the Mission Arctic extreme eco-expedition team members experienced endless adventures during their time at sea. We recently had a chance to catch up with Dr. Ulyana Horodyskyj for a Q&A about her experiences with this incredible journey.
11 October 2017

Mapping Coastal Areas and Achieving New Discoveries

The Mission Arctic team has returned safely home from their extreme adventure, gathering information about lost expedition sites, climate change, the wooly mammoth, hidden treasures, and more.

This week’s Mission Arctic crew member Q&A features Science Officer Dr. Dan Carlson and his experience at sea. Dr. Carlson chatted with us about his overall objectives for the trip, and the unique technologies he used—in addition to his Lenovo Think laptop—to collect intel and conduct research to share with his colleagues at the Arctic Research Center. 
05 October 2017

Our Eyes and Ears into the Mission Arctic Expedition

The Mission Arctic extreme expedition team is safely home from their travels through uncharted Arctic waters, guided by Lenovo Think laptops and tablets. During their time at sea, we posted the first of a series of blog posts spotlighting the crew members of Mission Arctic, sitting down with Nick Peissel to hear about the expedition’s objectives and goals first hand.
Now, we’re sitting down with Gareth Carr, Mission Arctic’s on-the-ground crew member and key coordinator, for his perspective on this recording-breaking journey and his role on the team.
04 October 2017

Lenovo Scholar Network: Milestones and Mission

Following the recent announcement that the Lenovo Scholar Network (LSN) has added 68 new NAF academies to its STEM education and mobile app development program, we sat down with Rob Cato, who leads Lenovo’s Public Sector and education business in the U.S.to discuss the NAF partnership.
02 October 2017

Why is gender diversity the key to future-proofing our businesses?

Technology is creating opportunities for women that we previously could not have imagined; when I consider Fortune’s latest ‘Most Powerful Women in Business List’, in which 9 of the 50 women are in tech, I realize just how far we’ve come in that time.