27 September 2017

Leadership Lessons from Lenovo’s Working Mother of the Year

I am thrilled to have Lenovo recognized in the Top 100 Best  companies  for Working Mothers. I am also honored to represent all of the working parents of Lenovo. I have seen my peers work miracles to manage through disasters at work while handling tragedies at home. Every day we face tough choices on what and how to prioritize our lives for the optimal, though not always ideal, outcome. I am humbled to be representing all that each of us has juggled to achieve balance. 
26 September 2017

Working Mother Magazine Names Lenovo Top 100 Best Company for Working Moms

Our company culture, #WeAreLenovo, supports working parents around the world in balancing their career and family. When I visit different countries, I’m always moved by the stories our employees tell me about how Lenovo gives them the flexibility to get the job done in a way that makes sense for them, especially our working moms. Today our efforts are being recognized externally – for the first time, Working Mother magazine named us as one of the 2017 Working Mother 100 Best Companies
25 September 2017

The Creative Mind Behind the Machines

As vice president of the Lenovo™ Experience Design Group, Brian Leonard leads design for all Lenovo PCs and Smart Devices. With more than 20 years of experience in technology design, Brian has been witness to the dramatic evolution in consumer design. We sat down with Brian to pick his brain on the design behind the latest IdeaPad™ series.
25 September 2017

How Being Different Landed Lenovo on a List of the World’s Best Global Brands

The tech marketplace has never been more crowded. Blazing a trail to brand differentiation has never been harder. And attention spans have never been shorter. It is against that backdrop several years ago that we began redefining the Lenovo brand. Today we are excited to announce that, for the third consecutive year, Lenovo has landed on Interbrand’s prestigious list of the world’s Best Global Brands. We thought it was a fitting moment to reflect on why we made the list and how our brand transformation helped us better communicate what truly makes us different.

21 August 2017

Lenovo Think PCs Guide a Record-Breaking Expedition into Uncharted Arctic Waters

Boldly going where few have gone before, the Mission Arctic extreme expedition is on the fast track to transforming the world—and when we heard about their ecological adventure through Arctic Waters, we had to get involved. We had the opportunity to provide some of the technology necessary to support this epic journey, equipping the team members with Think laptops and tablets to help guide their epic excursion.
14 July 2017

Feeling Fantastic at Fifty & Sharing Advice to My Younger Self

Today, I am 50 years old.  I wasn’t sure how I would feel at 50. When I was 40, I thought 50 was so far away and old.  Now that I’m here, I don’t feel old – instead, more confident, accomplished and wiser.
23 June 2017

We All Live (and Work) Here

“We All Live Here” – what a simple but powerful phrase. When I hear those four words, I think of Lenovo’s diversity and inclusion belief statement, “connected people change the world.” I love that Lenovo embraces the things that make each of our employees unique and celebrates differences that ultimately make us better. 
16 May 2017

Top Five Mobile Apps Announced in Lenovo National Competition

Lenovo and its nonprofit partner focused on high school education, NAF, today announced the top five winners from NAF academies participating in the third annual Lenovo Scholar Network National Mobile App Development Competition.  
20 April 2017

From Grassroots to Global Impact: Lenovo’s Journey to Sustainability

Earth Day gives us an annual reminder to appreciate what our teams around the world do every day, reflect upon the progress we’ve made and identify the continued work we have to do. 
06 April 2017

Global Week of Service Gives Locally, Impacts Globally

The theme of our 2017 Kickoff different is better certainly applied to the work our 2,000 volunteers across the globe did this week. They gave back to their local communities during our first Global Week of Service, making a difference with projects devoted to education and preserving the environment.