13 November 2015

Hyperconvergence, Convergence, Software-Defined and the Data Center Story

Ask five technologists what cloud, hyperconvergence and software-defined infrastructure mean, and you will get five (or more) different answers. That’s because there are no standard definitions of these buzz words. You cannot ignore them. In fact, you need to understand these concepts so you can make the best decision for your business.
11 November 2015

Migrate from RISC/Unix to Lenovo X6

Many businesses today continue to run critical applications and store important data in RISC/Unix silos. Aging RISC/Unix-based servers don't provide the flexibility or agility to support today's business needs, or a path to cloud computing.
03 September 2015

Making Sense of RealSense™

One of our most popular demos at Lenovo Tech World – Intel CEO Brian Krzanich making a figurine of our CEO using Intel® RealSense™ technology.  But RealSense is not just a novelty – it has endless real-world practical applications.  
24 August 2015


A reindeer herder in Norway tracks his herd…
A school teacher in Greece uses animation and stop-motion filming to turn students onto academics…
A graduate student in Germany pursues her master’s degree in economics, law and politics…
A banjo player in Finland masters his craft...
The thread connecting all these distinct and amazing individuals – Lenovo PCs.
24 July 2015

Retro ThinkPad Survey 3: What’s Under the Hood?

Last week we launched the second in a series of surveys related to the “Retro Thinkpad” concept. Well over 6000 people have weighed in with their opinions on additional keyboard details and detailed display preferences. People are also continuing to take survey one, which is great to see. We will continue to keep all of the surveys open until we have completed the entire series. We want to gather as much data as possible and give our customers the opportunity to shape the potential offering. Click here to take survey 1 or here to take survey 2 if you have not responded yet.
23 July 2015

NAF’s STEM Imperative

Students in the United States today gain unprecedented career opportunities at companies like Lenovo when they pursue education in STEM—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the demand for STEM workers grows at the third highest rate of all fields. STEM workers earn as much as 26 percent more than others and command higher salaries even when they work in non-STEM occupations. The current shortage of professionals with STEM degrees, combined with the growing diversity of our nation’s population, has provided bottom-line incentive to U.S. businesses seeking STEM workers to place a higher premium on gender, racial, and ethnic diversity at every level.
27 April 2015

Partnership with Room To Read Lends Boost to Girls’ Education

It has been three years since Lenovo Asia Pacific established a technology partnership with Room to Read, one of the fastest-growing NGOs focused on deep, systemic transformation within schools in low -income countries, during two time periods which are most critical in a child’s schooling: early primary school for literacy acquisition and secondary school for girls’ education. As part of the collaboration, Lenovo has been sponsoring ThinkPad notebooks to support the Room to Read Girls' Education Program across developing areas in Asia.