03 April 2019

Next Gen Gamers: Beyond the Stereotype

Through our panel of 7,800 consumers from around the world, both gamers and non-gamers, we’re able to take the pulse of the community and better understand what they want -- from their current PC, and their next.
02 April 2019

The Faster the Computing Power, the Faster the Motorbikes: Lenovo Meets Ducati on the Racetrack

Trace Ducati’s history—starting with building radio transmitters in 1926—to look at the evolution of their motorbikes over the years and how technology is reshaping motorsport in unprecedented ways.
19 March 2019

Foundational Engineering: What Makes a ThinkPad a ThinkPad

When we create new devices at Lenovo, we ensure they not only have the ability to adapt to users, no matter where they are, or what they’re doing, but also are designed and engineered to deliver smart, convenient and reliable benefits. We call this philosophy “Foundational Engineering.”
19 March 2019

A Ducati-Lenovo Partnership Made in the Fast Lane

Lenovo is fueling champion motorbike racers on and off the track as the key technology partner for the Ducati MotoGP racing team.
27 February 2019

Intelligent Transformation Experience at MWC: Innovation, Inclusion, and Rube Goldberg

Lenovo video installation showcases commitment to the interconnected frontiers of AI, supercomputing, security, 5G, and more. Watch the video to learn more.
20 February 2019

Lenovo COO Predicts the Tech Trends of 2019

Gianfranco Lanci digs into the technology poised to transform our professional, social, and private lives over the coming year
20 February 2019

Leading Motorola Security Expert on Vulnerabilities and the Potential of AI

Richard Rushing’s day job is, to say the least, a handful. As Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Motorola, Rushing is ultimately responsible for keeping the Lenovo and Motorola networks safe from attackers around the world who would do it various forms of harm.
07 February 2019

Driving Towards the Future of Applied Autonomy with Lenovo ThinkPads

Making sixteen-foot snowplows operate safely and reliably without a driver is no easy task. Cue the pioneering autonomous tech and ever-reliable ThinkPads.
29 January 2019

Life in Lugoff: Fix PCs, Bartend, Get a Lenovo Tattoo

Joe McLeod, an IT consultant in Lugoff, South Carolina who moonlights as a bartender, recently added a Lenovo tattoo to an ever-growing collection of at least 25 on his body. 
16 January 2019

Labor of Love: Innovation and Inspiration Behind Lenovo’s Next Generation of Yoga

Explore the drive behind Cuong Truong, Director of Industrial Design and lead designer for the newly unveiled Yoga A940, and Bryan Lim, Industrial Designer and project lead for the Yoga S940.
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09 January 2019

Lenovo Unboxed: Yoga A940 All-In-One PC

Check out our new feature-laden Yoga AIO PC for artists and creators. Highlights include a spectacular 27" 4K touch display, Lenovo Precision Dial, pen & wireless charger, and built-in LED workspace lights.
12 September 2018

Podcast: How Supercomputers Transform Our World

What's the current reality of supercomputers? What equipment is involved and how is it tailored to different fields? What problems do they tackle, from understanding the human genome to making financial predictions? And how is Lenovo using supercomputers to transform our future?

Scott Tease, Executive Director of HyperScale and High Performance Computing, joined us to answer these questions and more.
29 August 2018

Podcast: Current Trends and Future of Smart Devices

Curious about the biggest trends in smart devices, one of the fastest growing segments in commercial tech? We've got you covered.

Ahead of Lenovo Tech Life in Berlin, we spoke with Mark Krynock from the Lenovo Smart Office Group and Bob O'Donnell, CEO of Technalysis Research, to give you a glimpse of the devices already gaining popularity and those still on the horizon. 
17 August 2018

The Uncompromising Performance of Aston Martin and Lenovo

The next time you sit behind the wheel of an Aston Martin—in itself a rare privilege—you may have Lenovo to thank for the exquisite engineering. Watch the video for some jaw-dropping footage of the legendary cars and a bit of insight into how Lenovo helps bring them to life. Get the full story on the ThinkPad P1 here.
06 August 2018

Real Employee. Extreme situations. Extreme I.T.

Our employees will do almost anything to educate you about tech. Here’s proof. Real Lenovo employees. Simple explanations. Extreme situations. Introducing Extreme I.T.
19 June 2018

Dive into the World of AI Podcast

There is no question that AI is one of the hottest topics in tech today. Ever wonder about the ways in which AI impacts our daily lives? Lenovo’s VP’s of Device + Technology Research, Daryl Cromer, gives his POV on how AI affects everything from voice recognition tech to smart cameras to driving your car. Come listen and learn!

Want to learn more? Check out this article about the transformative powers of AI and this video tour of the Lenovo AI lab. 
18 June 2018

Lenovo Legion™ Gaming PCs Stylish on Outside, Savage on the Inside

Lenovo Legion gives you premium and powerful gaming experiences with the latest PC hardware in laptop, tower and cube design. At E3, we’re adding six new gaming PCs to our fmaily – the Lenovo Legion Y730 and Y530 Laptops, T730 and T530 towers and C730 and C530 cubes. They're stylish on the outside, yet savage in the inside. 
14 June 2018

Tour the Lenovo AI Lab

Take a tour of Lenovo's AI Lab in Beijing, led by Dr. Feiyu Xu.

Lenovo’s world class AI Lab is laser-focused on growing the global reach of the Lenovo AI innovation ecosystem. Come take a tour of the AI Lab in Beijing, led by Dr. Feiyu Xu, to watch this exceptional team of researchers, scientists and engineers hard at work!

Want to learn more? Check out this article about the transformative powers of AI and this podcast on ways AI impacts our daily lives.

06 June 2018

Sneak Peek - 2nd Gen Lenovo Yoga Book (Computex 2018)

Lenovo’s SVP of Consumer PCs and Smart Devices, Jeff Meredith, joins Intel at Computex 2018 to share Lenovo's vision for the future of mobile computing. He also gives the world a sneak peek at the next generation of the acclaimed Lenovo Yoga Book with a dual display, centered around enabling users to focus in more places, in more ways and at more times, to unveil later this year.