31 August 2018

7 Ways to Transform Your Home into a Smart Home

To celebrate the launch of our game-changing smart display—the first to use the highly popular Google Assistant—Lenovo is happy to present this list of 7 ways you can transform your home into a smart home. Any one device listed here will make your home smarter. Adopt a few of them and you'll see noticeable time and energy savings. Or take on the full list to give your smart home a graduate degree.
31 August 2018

Infographic: Smart Homes are Older and Smarter than You May Think

Smart devices date way back to the 1960s, though that automated kitchen wasn't also speaking to your phone, watch, and television. Check out the graphic for a quick look at just how widespread the smart, connected devices have become.
30 August 2018

Lenovo Engineer on Reinventing the Laptop with the Yoga Book C930

With the new Yoga Book C930 2-in-1 convertible, we’ve ushered in the next generation of mobile computing with a laptop delivering more flexibility to PC users in more places, more ways and more times. Engineer Edward Huang discusses the vision and development behind new ultra-slim, dual-display Yoga Book with E Ink technology.
30 August 2018

Raising the Bar: Lenovo Design VP on the New Yoga C930

Six years ago, Lenovo invented the 360-degree 2-in-1 convertible form factor to enable multiple usage modes (laptop, tent, tablet and stand) for greater flexibility. Since then, the convertible form factor has inspired many adaptations in the industry, but none that have expanded innovation beyond the hinge design to bring greater value to users. Our goal was to place in the hands of our customers a beautiful device that served as both a really great laptop and a really great tablet.
20 August 2018

Snakes, Abductions, and Burning Rubber: Meet the Stars of Extreme I.T.

Go behind the scenes with the stars/survivors of Lenovo's Extreme I.T. series, which puts employees in intense situations to help explain innovative research. Read on for tales of snakes, bungee jumping, high-speed drifting, and breakthrough technology.
15 August 2018

Lenovo India Excels in the Expanding Ultra-Slim Laptop Market

Lenovo is already dominating the market for Ultra-Slim laptops in India, but we have an ambitious plan to grow more than 500 percent. To find out what’s driving this success and vision, we spoke with two executives on the forefront of the growth plan: Diptesh Chandra Ghosh and Suyash Singh.
09 August 2018

Struggling to Find the Right Back-to-School Laptop? Ask an Insider.

Wondering what laptop will drive success (and fun) for you and your family this school year? Jacqueline Cromwell, a Lenovo Insider, has the expert advice you need. She’s the blogger, consultant, self-proclaimed nerd and geek, and homeschooler who runs NerdFamily.com -- so she knows what she's talking about. 
02 August 2018

Motorola Connects You to 5G First

We’re making history again as the first manufacturer to connect mobile consumers with a 5G network using our moto mod technology. With up to 10 times the speed of today’s wireless technology, lower latency and higher bandwidth, access to 5G networks will strengthen mobile connectivity and radically improve the smartphone experience.
26 July 2018

Ten Things You Can Do On Your Lenovo Smart Display with the Google Assistant

Voice assistants today are getting more helpful than ever. The Google Assistant, for instance, can tell you the latest weather, traffic and meeting schedules, by your simply asking. Our team at Lenovo has collaborated with Google® to bring the Assistant onto the Lenovo Smart Display.
14 July 2018

Game-changing apps from the Lenovo Scholar Network National Mobile App Development Competition

This week, we profile three of the six winners of the 2018 Lenovo Scholar Network National Mobile App Development Competition. Stay tuned for more next week!
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