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11 March 2021

Simulating Isolation on the Moon: Lunark Mission Accomplished

…keep updated on what’s next for LUNARK, you can follow them on Instagram @SAGA_Space_Architects and on their website. Lenovo and LUNARK The LUNARK team originally reached out to Lenovo to…

20 October 2020

Moonshot Goals: The Lunark Mission

…The Lunark mission takes place in Moriusaq, an abandoned settlement in the arctic north of Greenland. The location was chosen because it represents the closest possible match on earth to…

26 May 2021

Lunark: The Mission to Thrive on the Moon

…isolation pushing technology — and human tenacity — into new frontiers. For the groundbreaking Lunark mission, the SAGA team used Lenovo technology for their remote home’s “brain” — dubbed Odin….

24 November 2020

50 Days of Lunar Life: Liquid Food, Endless Nights, and Trouble with Arctic Foxes

…us from Lunark’s base in Copenhagen. The Lunark team resting after successfully packing the folded habitat into a shipping crate for delivery to Greenland. Troubleshooting Over Satellite Phone As their…

4 May 2019


…in the Cloud Don’t Feed the Phish! With eSports, Lenovo Helps Boost Grades and Build Community for Students Moonshot Goals: The Lunark Mission How to Approach a Challenging Design: The…

3 September 2020

Lenovo Enables Space Architects Testing Lunar Housing in Greenland

…in Greenland. You can follow their adventure on their website: About SAGA Space Architects SAGA is a new design practice working on making space livable for future space travelers…

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