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26 May 2021

Lunark: The Mission to Thrive on the Moon

The SAGA Space Architects team safely weathered three months of extreme isolation in Northern Greenland to simulate life on the moon.

11 March 2021

Simulating Isolation on the Moon: Lunark Mission Accomplished

What is it really like to spend three months in a tiny, folding pod, cut off from life as we know it, in one of the most unforgiving landscapes on Earth?

20 October 2020

Moonshot Goals: The Lunark Mission

Two explorer/architects brave the Arctic to test an origami-inspired, Lenovo-powered habitat designed for life on the moon.

24 November 2020

50 Days of Lunar Life: Liquid Food, Endless Nights, and Trouble with Arctic Foxes

Nearly two months into their mission to simulate life on the moon, we catch up with Simon Kristensen, CTO and ground control for the Lunark Mission.

3 September 2020

Lenovo Enables Space Architects Testing Lunar Housing in Greenland

Two Danish architects travel to remote, frigid landscape to simulate life on the moon, relying on Lenovo tech for survival and data collection.

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