As Vice President for HR Operations and Chief Diversity Officer, one of my key responsibilities is to ensure that Lenovo employs a broad array of talents around the world. Being a successful global company requires a team with wide-ranging experiences, multiple skills, and a variety of cultural backgrounds—all working together toward a common goal. In short, it takes diversity.

Fortunately, diversity is one of Lenovo's greatest strengths. With roots in the East and the West, Lenovo is a uniquely polycentric business. We have leaders from around the world who are located across the globe; a diverse talent pool; a deep commitment to innovation; and a far-reaching mindset that's fueled by a sense of our long-term responsibility. 

The foundation of our success is the Lenovo Way, a cultural initiative that everyone at Lenovo recognizes as a cornerstone to our success. The Lenovo Way is based on planning, performing, prioritizing, practicing improvement, and pioneering. In its simplest form, it means, "We do what we say, and we own what we do." This ownership culture creates a commitment to performance that is taking Lenovo to the top. 

Regardless of their location around the world, employees know the Lenovo Way; it serves as a common language and a tie that binds us. By following the Lenovo Way, employees hold themselves and their teams accountable. We succeed when each of us respects and appreciates the diversity of the individuals we work with. We transcend traditional geographic and cultural borders to better anticipate and serve the complex needs of our customers around the world. 

This culture is why we are winning in the marketplace and a prime reason we continue to be a globally respected company that people want to work for and with. It's what makes Lenovo unlike any company that has come before. We are proud of our commitment to diversity and value the way it is driving our success as a next-generation technology company. 

Yolanda Lee Conyers
Chief Diversity Officer