Accelerate 2019: Foldable PCs, AR Headsets, and More

The happiest place on Earth just experienced a massive influx of visionary tech as more than 1,000 people attended Lenovo Accelerate. For three packed days, folks in Orlando focused more on next-gen innovation than the ship behind the Kessel Run or choosing their wizard wands (at least openly).

We announced new devices — from a fits-in-your pocket PC to an enterprise-ready AR headset — and led sessions with leaders from Intel, Microsoft, and other partners who are shaping the future of business. We also went beyond the devices and took a critical look at the state of diversity in tech.

The most jaw-dropping moment was almost certainly the announcement of the world’s first foldable PC.

For those unable to attend or without the time to watch the keynote livestream or the full Accelerate YouTube playlist, we put together some of our favorite moments. Scroll down for a look at the latest devices, our employees spreading love across Orlando, and a few select product demos.


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