Lenovo Powers Lenovo: Our Digital Transformation Journey

The global economy is more complex, fast-moving and challenging than ever. From volatility in markets, prices and consumer demand to extreme weather, energy shortages and cyber security threats, businesses are under pressure to digitalize, cut costs and drive value from growing volumes of data. They must also operate more sustainably and responsibly. 

Lenovo Powers Lenovo 

As a global giant, Lenovo is facing these same challenges. And the speed, scope and scale of our business make our response relevant to other organizations: #1 in the global PC business, #3 in the global server business, $1.5B+ in annual R&D, 80,000 employees, 35 manufacturing facilities, and 23 data centers on four continents. 

To solve today’s challenges, and prepare for tomorrow’s, we’re drawing on our own products and services, enriched with the power of AI and machine learning.  

We call this approach “Lenovo Powers Lenovo”, because we’re using Lenovo technology, resources and intellectual capital across 200 global markets to completely transform our business.  

In supply chain, services and hybrid cloud, we’re using AI to enable greater speed, transparency, efficiency, agility and responsiveness. 

Tangible outcomes 

We’re seeing the world and our business in real time, analyzing our performance, predicting what’s to come and making smart, sustainable decisions in response.  

In a digital-first economy, we’re ensuring that service engineers have the tools and knowledge to act as brand ambassadors, exceeding customer expectations to boost brand loyalty.  

What’s more, by transforming and automating the information technology services that underpin our business, we’re doing all this rapidly, efficiently and at low cost. 

We’re already seeing concrete results:  

  • 98% acceleration in production scheduling 
  • 60% faster supply chain decision-making 
  • 24% increase in manufacturing production line capacity utilization  
  • 26% improvement in first-time-right repair rates 
  • 60% savings in cloud management  
  • >$10 million in operational costs avoided through customer self-service 
  • 99% faster insight into Environmental, Social and Governance metrics. 

Repeatable solutions 

Drawing on our experience of transforming our own complex, diverse and globalized business, we can help organizations like yours tackle today’s big challenges.  

Here, we present several accounts of our transformation, explaining the challenges we faced, the steps we took to address them and the results we achieved. 


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