Lenovo Powers Lenovo: Our Digital Transformation Journey and AI Leadership

AI technologies are disrupting traditional ways of working and delivering new sources of value.  

As one of the world’s leading technology companies, Lenovo is pioneering the use of AI to enhance our own operations, so we can help enterprises like yours realize the same benefits. 

Unlocking AI 

We call this initiative Lenovo Powers Lenovo: leveraging Lenovo technology, resources and intellectual capital to deliver transformative benefits. Building on the four pillars of AI-readiness—Security, People, Technology and Processes—we are enhancing every aspect of our operations: from manufacturing and knowledge work to customer services and sustainability. 

SSG AI Pillars graphic: Security, People, Technology, Processes

We’ve used AI to accelerate our supply-chain decision-making by 60% and production scheduling by 98%. This enables us to utilize 24% more of our production line capacity and deliver to global customers on time. 

For Lenovo employees, we’ve embraced the latest advances in Large-Language Models (LLMs) to cut out manual work and make more time for value-added activities. Our knowledge workers are saving an average of 1.9 hours per week with Copilot for Microsoft 365, while generative AI is empowering our marketing and sales teams to create compelling, personalized content 90% faster. And with automation for ITOps processes, we’re achieving average efficiency gains of 22% for application and hybrid cloud management. 

Lenovo Powers Lenovo is helping us deliver even better services to our customers. With innovative AI technology, we’re cutting contact center handle times by 20% and giving thousands of Lenovo Forum users rapid access to the information they need—boosting customer support efficiency by 50%. 

We’re even harnessing AI to strengthen our environmental, social and governance (ESG) processes. Our Lenovo Powers Lenovo initiative cuts time to insight for ESG metrics by 99% and allows us to refurbish 116% more customer devices per hour, contributing to our sustainability goals. 

Take the Next Step 

By transforming our own operations, we’re creating a blueprint for success that will help organizations like yours unlock the true potential of AI. 

Below, you can find stories from across our Lenovo Powers Lenovo journey explaining the challenges we faced, the steps we took to address them, and the results we achieved. 


Lenovo powers Lenovo

As a global technology leader, Lenovo is pioneering the use of groundbreaking AI to enhance our own operations, so we can help enterprises transform and embrace smarter AI for all.

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