Announcing the Lenovo Innovators Program

This month we are kicking off a new initiative called the Lenovo Innovators Program, where we’ve identified and partnered with unique people from many different backgrounds who share our vision of Smarter Technology for All (STFA). At Lenovo, we believe smarter technology can solve problems, create opportunities and enhance the way we all live, learn and work. Through this partnership, we’ll be highlighting stories and real-world examples of Smarter Tech for All and aim to inspire people to innovate and reach their full potential.

Being an “Innovator” goes beyond designing and using new devices. Real innovation happens when people see a problem and are passionately committed to solving it. All of our Innovators embody that spirit – to make the world a more interesting place, solve big problems, and use smart technology. Throughout the year, the Lenovo Innovators will be telling their stories through a series of videos and articles on StoryHub and will be posting their adventures on Instagram using #LenovoInnovators. Follow along to see how they are using Lenovo technology to further their passions and solve big problems.

Let’s meet our Innovators

Callie Veelenturf

Hometown: World Traveler

About Callie: Callie is a marine biologist, conservationist, National Geographic Explorer, United Nations Youth Representative and Fellow at The Explorers Club and founder of The Leatherback Project.

How will you use Lenovo’s technology to elevate your passion? Having access to Lenovo’s products will allow our research and conservation efforts to be more efficient and effective – especially when we are on a mission in the most challenging environments. We need something incredibly hardy, rugged, durable, compact, classy and functional.

Dr. Favia Dubyk

Hometown: New Mexico

About Dr. Favia: Dr. Favia is a physician, professional rock climber, animal lover, cancer survivor, and photographer.

How will you use Lenovo’s technology to elevate your passion? My specialty in medicine is pathology. As a cancer survivor, pathologists played a crucial role in my battle against cancer and inspired my career path. I am the doctor who performs autopsies, runs the lab, and diagnoses diseases. Studies have shown that patients prefer to look at a screen to view images rather than a microscope. Having a sharp and colorful screen to share images with patients and a computer that runs swiftly and smoothly are vital to a positive experience. As a person of color, I am trying to increase the visibility of POC climbers in social media, magazines, and the outdoor industry with high quality photography showcasing diverse athletes. I love capturing the raw passion and energy of climbers in action. An important part of a good shot is the editing process. I usually spend hours during the week editing pictures from my weekend climbing trips. Lenovo’s technology would make life a lot easier with fast processing speeds and a crisp screen.

Jess Smith

Hometown: Minnesota

About Jess: Jess is a third grade teacher who loves to interact and connect with adults and empower her students. One of her favorite things to do is create videos that are humor centered around teachers.

How will you use Lenovo’s technology to elevate your passion? I use technology everyday in the classroom (or remotely now) – it’s how I communicate with parents and students. It’s how I teach my students new concepts and assess their learning. Especially during this new time of distance learning, technology and education has never been more important and I am really looking forward to leveraging Lenovo’s products to help support the challenges that come with remote teaching.

Julian Javor

Hometown: Canada

About Julian: Julian is a pilot and founder of Pet Rescue Pilots, a non-profit that flies pets out of crowded shelters and lands them safely in the arms of rescue groups, fosters, and forever families.

How will you use Lenovo’s technology to elevate your passion? In aviation, we rely heavily on top of the line technology. Computers and reliable, lightweight tablets are essential on the ground and in the air to perform tasks such as coordinating logistics around drop offs and pick ups, constantly monitoring weather conditions, and identifying alternate routes.

Kamrin Brown

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

About Kamrin: Kamrin is a sustainable fashion blogger, stylist and influencer. She heavily relies on digital content creation to share how to be sustainable not only in fashion, but in your home and daily life.

How will you use Lenovo’s technology to elevate your passion? Lenovo products would greatly help me by making processes run in a smoother fashion. It would enhance the content creation experience by allowing me to create even higher quality materials, which I can then use to educate my audience.

Karim Abouelnaga

Hometown: NY, NY

About Karim: Karim has dedicated the last 10 years to helping low-income, inner-city children growing up succeed academically. At 18, he started Practice Makes Perfect organization and supported over 20,000 children across NYC.

How will you use Lenovo’s technology to elevate your passion? I’d love to upgrade my personal tech for me and my team so we can be more efficient. Now, more than ever, we need to be effectively connected as we work to support our students in a remote capacity.

Laura Riavitz

Hometown: Philippines

About Laura: Laura is an Austrian marine biologist. When she is not underwater planting and helping save coral reefs, she is on the water surfing the waves.

How will you use Lenovo’s technology to elevate your passion? In my everyday life I try to have a local impact and promote environmental sustainability. For work I rehabilitate coral reefs in the world’s ocean with an international team. Whether its showcasing how to shop plastic free at the local market, giving educational trainings on how to act more responsible towards the environment or planting corals in remote locations, I need durable and robust technology. Using Lenovo’s products will let me create educational content and share how simple actions and collective efforts can achieve sustainable outcomes.

Marcus John

Hometown: Georgia, USA

About Marcus: Marcus is a Creative Director, Producer and Speaker working in the fashion, medical and art industries. He creates and produces artistic, educational and innovative empowerment campaigns and mental health programs for patients with scoliosis.

How will you use Lenovo’s technology to elevate your passion? Lenovo’s products would help my passion by significantly boosting my productivity level and presentational skills. I would be able to better communicate and showcase important visuals and information with my team, clients, doctors and patients. That is crucial to me because I strongly believe that communication is an essential aspect in order for any business to run smoothly.

Marlu Soria

Hometown: California

About Marlu: Marlu is a world traveling Makeup Artist/ Licensed Esthetician passionate about educating people about cleaner, safer ingredients in our personal care products and empowering beauty in women affected by cancer, survivors of domestic violence, and other communities where her gifts impact meaningful change. Marlu is also committed to advocating for stricter legislation for ingredients allowed in all of our personal care products.

How will you use Lenovo’s technology to elevate your passion? I’m committed to causing high performing, mission driven global leaders who empower beauty and powerful choice for themselves and their families. Lenovo’s technology makes it possible to impact and reach as many people as I can globally using equipment and technology to create meaningful media efficiently and effectively. The power of a big name like Lenovo would expand this commitment to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of more people than I would normally have access to on my own.


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