Brazilian Chef and Artist Shares How Remote Technology Inspires Creativity

Ivan Di Simoni, Vegan Chef, Artist & Lenovo Innovator

Creativity is a huge part of my life. Whether it’s in the kitchen cooking new vegan recipes or inspiring my artwork – being creative is what enables me to do things differently.

What inspires my creativity the most is researching on my Lenovo devices. I feed myself with information and images. I sometimes spend hours in another universe completely immersed in the symbols and concepts that stimulate my creativity. I also enjoy drawing on my tablet and thinking of new concepts and visual aesthetics.

Learn more as Ivan shares how remote technology plays a key role in his ability to stay creative and create from anywhere.


Follow Ivan on Instagram @pecadovegano and on YouTube at Vegflix to learn more about his artwork, vegan recipes, and his #LenovoInnovators journey.


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