Critical Unknowns are building a smarter future for everyone

So there you are, doing what you do best, advancing digital transformation and turning tech dreams into tech stacks.

Then, BAM!, the world changes, and before one can say, “well, that sucks,” you’ve got the whole thing rearchitected and ready to support a global remote workforce. In days. Plus a healthcare system based around telehealth. And remote and hybrid learning. Oh, massively disrupted supply chains, too. And now everyone’s ordering everything online.

This is your story, and while your name may be unknown to many, you are critical to making the world work. You and others like you are impacting billions of lives. Helping doctors heal and teachers teach. And getting the goods where they need to go.

Sound familiar?

If you’re an IT leader, it sure does. We haven’t seen the end of this, either. The fire drills keep coming. Technology—the tool you use to make magic—is essential to life. And growing more so every day.

Even if you’re not in the IT department, you know that the world is getting more digital—more connected—all the time. And IT teams are leading the way.

Take healthcare. The pandemic gave telehealth the mother of all booster shots. But the system needs work. Digital technology is helping address persistent health inequities. AI and genomics are reducing time to scientific discovery and making precision medicine a reality. Experience design in healthcare is becoming one of the most sought-after capabilities for IT leaders.

What about work and school?  Almost anyone who can work from home has been doing so, thanks to critical IT heroes. Now, helped along by new mobility and collaboration solutions, there’s been a fundamental change in professional life. How fundamental? Seventy-four percent of companies plan for employees to keep working remotely after the crisis ends.

Meanwhile, educators are partnering IT teams like yours to create hybrid classrooms that can smash the barriers to equitable and secure learning experiences. So that everyone is able to learn—no matter where they are.

You and your fellow IT wizards are helping supply chain managers outsmart disruption in sustainable ways. E-commerce only accounted for 14.1% of global retail sales in 2019, but, thanks in part to you, it will top 22% by 2023.

CIOs are now gaining responsibility for everything from systems and customer experience to digital operations. They’re even inventing new business models. One-quarter of them will become, as Gartner puts it, “COO by proxy.”

We’re here to help. From the device to the data center (and everything in between).

We design the complete range of technology solutions and services that teams like yours use to solve real-world problems: IoT and edge computing, mobility and collaboration, AR/VR, Analytics & AI, VDI, cloud computing, high performance computing and storage. All with comprehensive security built in, not bolted on.

And so that you can stay agile without the upfront costs, we offer subscription-based models. We’ll work with you to find the right strategy for your one-of-a-kind business needs.

At Lenovo, we understand that the digital world isn’t about what we make. It’s about how you use what we make to create a smarter future for all.

IT teams like yours are the engines of the future, of greater equality, and of innovations that make things better. The people you help may not always see all you do, but we do.


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