Lenovo Foundation Partners with The Anguilla Initiative to Support National E-Learning Program

Lenovo has donated more than 800 laptops to students and teachers in Anguilla through Project INSPIRE program

Since 2022, Lenovo has partnered with the Anguilla Initiative – a US-based non-profit focused on improving the quality of life of Anguillans. Through the partnership, Lenovo has donated more than 800 laptops to support Project INSPIRE, a joint initiative between the Anguilla Initiative and the Anguilla Department of Education that addresses the need for a national e-learning program and integrates digital technology throughout its curriculum.

Lenovo’s support of e-learning initiatives in Anguilla began in 2019 when the organization hosted its North America President’s Club on the island. Struck by Anguilla’s natural beauty and the hospitality of locals, Lenovo employees were excited to learn about the ‘Books & Bins’ program, a local initiative that enables visitors to donate school supplies and books to nearby primary schools. Wanting to make a lasting impact, Lenovo worked with Anguilla’s Ministry of Education and made its first donation of 50 laptops to Vanterpool Primary School in 2020, with an additional 40 laptops provided in 2021.

With Lenovo’s help, the Anguilla Initiative launched Project INSPIRE a pilot program at Orealia Kelly Primary School for the 2022-2023 academic year. Lenovo’s contribution provided all teachers at Orealia Kelly with an upgraded Lenovo 14-inch laptop designed for high performance, and all students with a Lenovo 14-inch device designed to accommodate the demands of hybrid learning. Since then, the school has reported a 57% increase in student collaboration, a marked improvement in attendance, significant improvement in competency for technology, and improved test scores for math and language for nearly every student in the school.

Students at Orealia Kelly Primary School

Given the program’s success, this year, we have doubled down to expand our reach across the country, with the goal of delivering a new laptop to every K-7 student in every primary school in Anguilla. More than 500 laptops have already been distributed to students this year, with more to come before the end of the school year. Together, Lenovo aims to break down the barriers and make technology accessible to all.    

For more information about Project INSPIRE, visit anguillainitiative.org/project-inspire


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