How Workstations Are Enriching the Artistic Experience

Rob Hoffmann, Worldwide Media & Entertainment Manager

Creators and digital artists, from the most influential directors and producers to aspiring artists, make the annual pilgrimage to Malta for THU – Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn, which is a yearly festival for digital artists to reignite their passion for their craft. For one week, attendees from around the world, known as “the Tribe,” converge to network with peers and top studios, learn new techniques and find inspiration for their next creation.

Lenovo has partnered with THU for years now, and each year we’re excited to both educate and learn about the technology and trends impacting artists, so we can better understand their plights and adapt our solutions to power their creative process.

For Shuzo Shiota, president and CEO of 3DCG animation studio Polygon Pictures, Lenovo became a contender when selecting workstations for himself and his artists after an introduction at THU. Four years later, Lenovo is the largest provider of workstations in his Tokyo and Malaysia offices.

La Tribu, a Spanish animation studio, also began to see Lenovo as an industry partner, rather than just a technology provider, after THU. Even Gnomon, the number one visual effects, game and animation school in the nation, first forged its partnership with Lenovo at THU.

As a company, Gnomon strives for greatness across the board: the best teachers, the best courses and the best hardware. Josh Herman, CCO of the company, says this is where Lenovo comes in – offering dependable, consistent and high-quality products.

By converging with real users, Lenovo is able to provide solutions that are intuitive and reliable, enriching the artistic experience. But our presence at THU is more about building those relationships within the media and entertainment industry, rather than focusing solely on products.

To hear more from our customers and catch a glimpse of the THU experience, watch the video below.


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