Lenovo and Intel Power Solutions to Improve Mobility for Every Body

When you hear the words “transformative technology,” what comes to mind? At Lenovo, we believe transformative tech powers big dreams. It turns otherwise challenging tasks into enjoyable, uninterrupted activities. And it makes life better. But we’re not the only ones who feel that way.

Just ask our partner, TRAZER, a company on a mission to improve injury recovery and risk assessment in sports, senior care, on the job, and beyond through innovative data generation. With TRAZER, providers can assess mobility and overall brain and body performance without connecting patients to a tangle of wires. And that makes movement assessment and recovery feel more like a virtual reality game.

This is the story of how we enhanced the TRAZER system—a multi-patented solution that’s changing the future of mobility health and assessment—with the Lenovo P360 Tiny Workstation, powered by the Intel vPro® platform with 12th Gen Intel® Core i5 processors.


The Mission: Help Every Body Move Better

TRAZER is a one-of-a-kind solution aligned perfectly at the point where biology, technology, and data intersect. It’s designed to help people of any age understand their body’s areas of weakness. By generating predictive, preventative, and prescriptive data, the TRAZER solution tracks movement performance over time, and can help providers craft more holistic care plans to reduce fall risks, improve injury recovery, and even improve quality of life.

Co-founded by neuromechanics expert, Barry French Sr., the multi-patented, HIPAA-compliant system features more than 160 virtual activities to gather standardized and objective brain and body data. The solution is built on the foundational idea that “all rehab is brain rehab,” which refers to the vital connection between brain performance and body movement.

Although the sensor-less system uses a tracking laser (the inspiration for the name TRAZER) to monitor how a body moves, its ability to combine cognitive and physical challenges to assess motor control is what truly sets the system apart. “TRAZER very intentionally ties physical and cognitive data together,” said Elsa Guerrero, Chief Marketing Officer at TRAZER. “So, while the body’s rehabilitating, the brain is rehabilitating also.”

The Challenge: The Right Performance, at The Right Price

TRAZER’s approach to injury recovery and risk assessment is truly ground-breaking in the sports performance and senior care communities.

Sports teams may use the system to track performance metrics, bridging the gap between conditioning and sports medicine. Senior care facilities can use the system to monitor patient movement and assess fall risks. But the best part? TRAZER makes rehab feel like a game, while helping care and performance professionals make informed recommendations for individual levels of work, play, or movement.

As the innovative solution gained momentum, the consumer-grade tech used to power TRAZER’s prototype product became an evolution roadblock. Their prototype device was bulky, costly, and bogged down by excessive features TRAZER didn’t need. Plus, the solution’s PC and graphics cards had reached end-of-life, making them unstable and unreliable.

The team realized a PC with basic performance and simple graphics couldn’t run their software at its full potential. They needed a more powerful, customizable, and affordable long-term solution to enhance the TRAZER system and accelerate their company mission.

And that’s where Lenovo and Intel helped TRAZER overcome.

The Solution: Lenovo Workstation, Powered by Intel

To bring TRAZER needed ultra-reliable power and performance in a small form factor, we presented the Lenovo P360 Tiny Workstation, powered by the Intel vPro® platform with 12th Gen Intel® Core i5 processors, which seamlessly integrated with TRAZER’s existing high-powered optical camera for accurate movement tracking.

Cost-effective, yet high performing, the Lenovo P360 Tiny Workstation powered by Intel 12th Gen Intel® Core i5 processors offered everything TRAZER needed to upgrade their hardware, software, and management portal. Its small form factor fits neatly into the system’s lightweight, portable enclosure, offering a sleek appearance that’s compact, durable, and easy to install anywhere.

Plus, Lenovo’s partnership with NVIDIA® allowed us to upgrade TRAZER’s graphics capabilities with embedded NVIDIA® T1000 GPUs. This addition offered even more cost-savings, along with the graphics power and performance needed to make their simulations truly immersive.

With all these tech innovations packaged together, TRAZER was empowered to improve operations and provide better insights to their customers, all powered by Lenovo and Intel.

The Results: More Power, Performance, and Space to Move

With Lenovo and Intel, TRAZER was able to solve for the challenges blocking their system’s innovation, including:

  • Size: The Lenovo P360 Workstation with 12th Gen Intel Core i5 processors is significantly smaller than their legacy PC, with a sleek form factor that looks good and fits just about anywhere.
  • Performance: The solution features the focused power and Intel-driven performance TRAZER’s clients need to efficiently capture and analyze data.
  • Logistics: Lenovo OEM Solutions can process system orders in record time, helping TRAZER’s clients get up and running faster than ever.
  • Cost: The Lenovo P360 Workstation, powered by 12th Gen Intel Core i5 processors, offers the streamlined tech solution TRAZER needs, at an affordable price.
  • Expertise: Lenovo’s technology expertise has helped TRAZER upgrade and enhance their solution with cloud capabilities, heightened security, and more.

But most importantly, we were able to help TRAZER improve the overall user experience. “To see the engagement and response from our clients and their patients has been fantastic,” said Barry French, Jr., Co-Founder of TRAZER. To that sentiment, Elsa Guerrero added, “with Lenovo, we’re now able to process data faster and more efficiently, and that’s really key as we move to a streamlined solution. Plus, we’re able to lean on Lenovo to help us continue to improve graphics and boost data security.”

TRAZER has purchased 300 systems, with 1,000 – 2,000 units forecasted for the future. And with a standard lead time of 2-3 weeks, TRAZER’s clients can rest assured that they’ll be assessing next-level mobility data in no time.

The Future: Limitless Possibilities with Lenovo and Intel

Thanks to our continued partnership, the TRAZER team is preparing to launch a new product, TRAZER XP. This system offers all the robust features and functionality of the current TRAZER+ product, with new cloud-based benefits.

For example, the TRAZER system features a software portal which originally could only be accessed via a separate laptop. But with Lenovo’s secure cloud capabilities, the portal can now be accessed directly through the TRAZER XP system—streamlining the experience and empowering seamless access. The new product also features a more customizable grid, which will scale to the client’s unique room for optimal movement analysis.

When we talked with Harlan Lyons, CEO of TRAZER about the tech upgrade experience and future roadmap, he stated, “We really came to Lenovo for your expertise in the technology industry. We know Lenovo’s definitely a leader in product quality, but even more impressive is your dedication to supporting customers and developing flexible, smart solutions. We’re excited to be working with Lenovo and we’re grateful for all the help you’ve given us.”

At Lenovo, we’re all about offering technology our customers can use to enhance their product and go to market in a timely fashion. We’re ecstatic about this partnership and the opportunities it presents for Lenovo and TRAZER to continue innovating.

Want to learn more? Listen to our full conversation with TRAZER on the Lenovo OEM Partnership Podcast:


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