Lenovo Joins UNESCO’s Commitment for Responsible AI

On February 4, 2024, Lenovo joined seven other technology companies in Kranj, Slovenia for the 2nd UNESCO Global Forum on AI, signing a ground-breaking agreement to build more ethical AI. The commitment asks companies to apply timely measures to ‘prevent, mitigate, or remedy’ the adverse effects of AI, in addition to specific measures to fix issues in AI solutions that may have already been launched in the market.  

“Ethical AI is key to sustaining the future of innovation and harnessing the power of AI for good,” shared David Ellison, Chief Data Scientist of Lenovo. “As a technology leader, it’s critical that we take part in shared commitments like UNESCO’s and take responsibility for our innovations as they rapidly evolve.” 

Lenovo committed to the UNESCO Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence after forming its own internal Responsible AI committee, a governance framework that covers ethical, legal, safety, privacy and accountability concerns related to quickly emerging solutions. Lenovo reviews the solutions against the committee’s pillars of diversity & inclusion, privacy & security, accountability & reliability, explainability, transparency, and environmental & social impact. With the governance framework to evaluate risks before products are taken to market, Lenovo is working to ensure that AI can meet its full potential in delivering transformative solutions 

“We fully support UNESCO’s initiative,” shared Gianluca Diana, Lenovo Manager of Government Relations for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. “The principles fully align with Lenovo’s own AI policies, and by joining with fellow technology stakeholders in this commitment, we are demonstrating the collaboration needed to realize the positive potential of AI.” 

In addition to the UNESCO Recommendation on the Ethics of AI, Lenovo has supported several initiatives that bolster AI for stronger social inclusion. In 2021, Lenovo joined France-based Cercle InterElles’ Commitment to Responsible and Gender Equitable AI, along with 12 other companies in the scientific and technology industries. After a years-long partnership with the Scott-Morgan Foundation, Lenovo continues to support groundbreaking assistive technology solutions developed by the NGO, including an AI-powered avatar for people with severe disabilities alongside DeepBrain AI, a leader in next-generation avatars. Lenovo’s global philanthropy team has also launched the ‘AI for Social Impact’ initiative to connect community non-profits with knowledge and examples to inspire their use of AI.  

Lenovo will continue its work to provide smarter technology for all through its AI for All vision, announced at Tech World 2023 with an AI-powered solution to translate Brazilian sign language (Libras) in real-time. 

Learn more about Lenovo’s inclusive technology commitments and Product Diversity Office in the most recent Environmental, Social and Governance Report 


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