Lenovo Legion: Listening to gamers, not the stereotype

Since establishing our gaming brand – Lenovo Legion – in 2017, our business has been on a mission to provide the best possible gaming products and experiences for our customers. In line with this journey, our gaming devices have undergone an exciting rebrand and redesign.

As Lenovo’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, I’m a big advocate of listening to “the voice of the customer” as we consider, design, and redesign our products.

We do this listening in many ways – conversations, research, feedback groups – and on the Lenovo Legion front, this work has uncovered some eye-opening, exciting, and I’ve got to say – game-changing results.

To give you a look into this process, I recently sat down with Ray Chen, a user experience (UX) expert at Lenovo, to talk about this research and the design implications of its findings.

DILIP BHATIA: Hi Ray, thanks for your time – Let’s start by talking about what you do at Lenovo?

RAY CHEN: Sure thing. I work as a UX specialist in the hardware side of our business. Last year, I was responsible for leading the user experience research behind the redesign of the Lenovo Legion brand, including the research that would later inform the re-design of gaming products itself.

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