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Why’s the Emmy-nominated comedian and activist in a garage with 16 of tech titans?  

Can technology make remote work more inclusive? Should we really be subscribing to everything? Are there things that we should not be automating?  

You’ve got pesky questions. Lenovo Late Night I.T.’s got insightful answers. As well as all the why’s and how’s no one is yet asking. 

Here’s a web series the likes of which the world has never seen. In a garage, the incubator of choice among technology innovators, host Baratunde Thurston, the Emmy-nominated comedian and activist, banters with 16 tech titans about the topics transforming business today and tomorrow. They’re demystifying artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and edge computing. They’re weighing the cultural impact of as-a-service, green IT, and the hybrid workplace. They’re also getting seriously silly.  

Take AI, a technology whose implications few of us fully grasp. Thurston’s got Sanjay Srivastava, Chief Digital Officer for Genpact, on hand to describe how not to jump into it (“You don’t get to a pervasive AI strategy starting with AI. You get to a pervasive AI strategy starting with a business problem and then disaggregating that into its components”) as well as the consequences of sitting on the sidelines (“If you’re not in it, you’re out of it. You’ll be disrupted”). 

Meanwhile, Cambrian Futures CEO Olaf Groth, the guy who literally wrote the book on AI, muses on its global and local potential (“Whether you think really big, like using AI to predict food crises around the world, or just want to figure out where your supply chain’s going to have bottlenecks, there are fantastic visions out there if we just commit to it”).  

You’ll come to understand the costliest mistake a CIO can make, and what will happen if you or your CIO makes it (“We have a few good years left. Then we’re toast”). You’ll learn which expert is the better speed-dater. Plus, the Santa Claus algorithm is explained. 

 And that’s just the AI: Reality Check episode 

“You don’t get to a pervasive AI strategy starting with AI. You get to a pervasive AI strategy starting with a business problem and then disaggregating that into its components.” – Sanjay Srivastava

Why is Lenovo sponsoring this eight-episode series? Because like most of us, we too are weary of the marketing hype and buzzword-heavy downloads that blanket the web. We want to explore tech’s cutting edge, but we want to do so with experts who understand IT’s impact on culture and society. We also want to enjoy the ride. Laugh while we learn. Loosen our shoulders even as we tighten our grasp of these technologies and their ramifications.   

So, we put our heads together with some of the most creative minds out there: CIO (from IDG), our insights partner; ClickOn Media, the award-winning production agency; Alex Stone, our brilliant show writer; and Baratunde Thurston, who wraps this package with his signature bow.  

Maybe you’ve noticed, but IT never sleeps. Neither do we. Go crack open something caffeinated, get comfy, and come hang with us. It’s looking like a Lenovo Late Night I.T. kind of night.  


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