Assistive Technology Innovation with the Scott-Morgan Foundation

Lenovo and the Scott-Morgan Foundation, a visionary non-profit organization driving assistive technology innovation, are building a more inclusive and accessible world. The organizations began to collaborate in 2021 with a shared commitment to human-centric innovation and delivering smarter technology for all.

The Scott-Morgan Foundation, based in the UK but with global operations, focuses on pioneering technology-driven solutions to empower people living with extreme disabilities. The Foundation develops both bold proof-of-concepts to inspire a brighter future and more immediate, scalable solutions.

“We believe in the power of technology to transform our world and make it more inclusive than ever before,” said Andrew Morgan, CEO of the Scott-Morgan Foundation. “We call this a universal right to thrive, rocketing beyond the painfully low bar of simply surviving with a disability and into a joyful and empowered life. Lenovo is helping us make that vision real, from groundbreaking innovations to accelerating the democratization of technology.”

Lenovo will help support the Scott-Morgan Foundation initiatives including next-generation augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), accessible device interfaces, autonomous wheelchairs, and integrated smart home solutions. In all instances, Lenovo will help the Foundation harness the full power of technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI). The teams expect to unveil groundbreaking assistive technology solutions early in 2024.


Lenovo powers Lenovo

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