CTO External Statement

External Statement
Building on its leadership and structural changes announced on March 17 [LINK], Lenovo today announced that current Chief Technology Officer Peter Hortensius will fully move into his new role leading technology and strategy for the company’s new Data Center Group, effective April 1, and that former CTO and current head of Lenovo Capital and Investment Group (LCIG) George He will become acting CTO while the company searches for a permanent leader in that role.

Quote attributable to Lenovo Chairman and CEO Yuanqing Yang:
“Peter has been a visionary leader for Lenovo as our CTO.  He has helped us break new ground, maintain our innovation advantages and bring new concepts to life in the lab and for our customers.  We need his skills and experience to make absolutely sure we win with innovation in DCG.  Meanwhile, I am confident that this transition will be smooth.  George has been a key leader at Lenovo for 30 years, and he served as CTO for much of that time as well.  He has a strong track record in delivering innovation and has worked closely with Peter.  Even as we look for our next CTO, we will continue to invest in and focus on innovation as a top priority.”

About George He
With 3 decades of experience at Lenovo, He is considered to be one of the company’s research and development pioneers.  In his current role, He is focusing on developing new, innovative technologies through Lenovo spinoffs or investments in standalone startups, while continuing to develop Lenovo’s overall cloud and big data platform.

Prior to his leading LCIG, He led Lenovo’s Ecosystems and Cloud Services business, where he helped build a community that includes more than 200 million monthly active users of Lenovo apps, and launched the popular ShareIt applications which has more than 400 million downloads.  Before that, He was Lenovo CTO, where he led the creation of Lenovo’s R&D system and the development of some of Lenovo’s most successful products, including its groundbreaking convertible PC technologies and a wide range of mobile and smartphone products.   He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Communication from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


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