How Project Tango Will Change the Way You Use Your Phone

by Jeff Meredith
Vice President and General Manager, Tablets, Lenovo
We’re getting excited. Project Tango is getting ready for its close-up, and we’re working closely with Google to create the first consumer mobile device enabled with Project Tango. This summer, you’ll see us announce a new Project Tango-enabled smartphone that gives users a magic lens to experience the world in a new way.

But first, you have to know What is Project Tango? And what can it truly do for you?

At its essence, Project Tango gives your mobile device the ability to navigate the physical world, similarly to how we do as humans. We see three important usage scenarios for Project Tango: location and navigation, gaming, and utility. Today, we’re going to show you two new apps that put location and navigation abilities in action. With mobile technology taking a focus this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we’ve teamed up with Google to show the magic a Project Tango-enable phone can bring to your everyday life by two apps made by GuidiGO and Glympse.

A New, Interactive Way to Go and Glympse into History
Whether you’re discovering Barcelona’s jewels for the first time or just reveling in the city’s magic, GuidiGO’s Project Tango app brings its stories to life in a totally new, immersive way – on your mobile device. To see the power of this app in action, let’s go to the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona. It uses Project Tango’s augmented reality features to create your own personal tour guide – even showing you hidden details invisible to the naked eye. Simply hold up your phone, choose a work of art, and follow the directions superimposed on the floor, as if a real person were guiding you up to it. Once you are at the painting, hold up your phone and see virtual annotations on the painting that unlock new information about the painting.

A New, Interactive Way to Go and Glympse into History

Now Glympse, the leader in real-time location sharing technology, makes it even easier to share your location with the people you care about. Using Project Tango’s AR technology, Glympse is enhancing its indoor capabilities. Users who share their location with each other can now see through walls, floors and other obstructions to find each other in places like a museum. Simply hold up your Project Tango phone, and you’ll see who’s sharing their location with you — a quick and easy way to answer the question, “Where are you?”

Here’s a step-by-step on how it works:

Picture yourself in a room of an art museum. You’re holding a smartphone loaded with the GuidiGO app – the app displays a map of the interior of the art museum with the specific paintings listed out. You’re interested in one of the paintings on the map, so you click on that painting to get more information and directions to it. You’re presented with the camera view of the room through your phone’s screen – except it’s actually a window into an augmented world with blue directional dots overlaid on the ground having formed the path leading to the painting you just picked. Once you arrive, GuidiGO marker pops up on your screen letting you know you made it, and you’re presented with video content and virtual annotations about the piece.

A New, Interactive Way to Go and Glympse into History

In the coming months, we’ll bring you stories of partners working with us to make this future a reality and show you the potential of some our gaming and utility apps and features. We’re now working with thousands of third party developers to build killer apps for each of its three pillars and to populate and enrich the Project Tango app ecosystem.

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