Lenovo Delivers Full-Scale Security and Efficiency with the ThinkStation P920 Rack

The modern workplace is changing. Professionals were once limited to what they could accomplish within the four walls of their offices. But now they have the power to take their work anywhere – from film sets to oil rigs and plots of land where future skyscrapers will eventually stand. What’s more, teams are no longer confined to one location. Instead, they are collaborating across state lines, the country and even the world. However, with this shift to flexible and on-the-move work environments comes a greater demand for resolute security and central power.

Today, Lenovo is meeting users demands with the release of the ThinkStation P920 Rack– professional workstation performance in a fully scalable and secure 2U form factor. With the ability to access enterprise-grade graphics in a rack-optimized form factor, industry professionals can enjoy maximum system uptime and complete resilience – offering 99.99% availability. This also includes datacenter-class security to ensure their device is significantly less susceptible to data breaches, regardless of working conditions.

The ThinkStation P920 Rack is optimized for high-end users with support for up to two NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 6000 GPUs or four NVIDIA® Tesla T4 GPUs – delivering the best application performance and accelerated experiences. And with Intel’s fastest and most powerful Xeon® 2nd Gen Scalable Processors, support for up to 56x cores and speeds up to 4.4GHz, the ThinkStation P920 Rack checks each box for professionals looking to deliver high-caliber content.

From professionals in need of high-performance workstations while on the move to those requiring remote access to extreme computing power unavailable in their physical workspace, the ThinkStation P920 Rack will elevate the remote experience of professionals across industries. Now, users can leverage our ThinkPad P Series mobile workstation portfolio, and take their applications, projects and more with them, without loss of productivity.

By leveraging the low latency remote workstation experience, users can seamlessly collaborate on their most critical projects: from a client meeting, to the coffee shop, and back to the office, enabling true mobility and enhanced workflow productivity. Regardless of where they are based, the ThinkStation P920 Rack allows multiple users to share resources, such as software licenses, and access full remote tools and features – including centralized IT management for those seeking a more simplified deployment, update and administration process.

The need for mobility, speed and accessibility – all with the promise of maximum security – is echoed across industries. For those working in media and entertainment, a leak of intellectual property – or a critical plot point in a fan-favorite franchise – is a constant risk when working locally on a device. With file sizes quickly growing in complexity and production teams working remote on set and beyond, the ThinkStation P920 Rack allows professionals to centrally connect and collaborate via a rack-based workstation powerful graphics technology at their fingertips – without the risk of leaks or delays in production due to latency or performance hits.

AEC professionals are also experiencing a similar pain point. Users are often required to be on-site for projects, sometimes for several months out of the year, and regularly conduct business with other professionals based in different areas. Rather than transport a desktop workstation, these users can now travel with a mobile solution to fully harness the power of a high-end workstation without the concern of accessing data through unprotected networks. An added benefit? All remote employees can connect to the same ThinkStation P920 Rack – reducing the cost per user, decluttering the office space and giving users the freedom to use their local, mobile client to drive a collaborative application experience.

Based on the equally dispersed nature of their work, oil and gas professionals are also seeking the best performance and highest configurations available for their workstation solutions, both in the office and with remote workers and specialized talent. And as the scale of these energy projects continue to expand – both geographically and in the amount of data generated – a tower-based solution is not always the easiest from a deployment, cost and collaboration perspective. Offering the same powerful workstation experience energy professionals demand, the ThinkStation P920 Rack allows users to move from the field to the office and access their work instantly – from a reliable mobile workstation connection.

Within the financial services space currently financial traders can have multiple workstations under their desk, each running multiple monitors. While one workstation might be for trading, another be used for quantitative financial analytics, and another waiting in the wings as a back up unit. The ability to remove the abundance of hardware from the trading floor is a pain point. With the addition of the ThinkStation P920 Rack, financial traders and IT managers alike can simplify their solution without losing functionality. This solution increases resilience, including unforeseen circumstances, such as disaster recovery.

The ThinkStation P920 Rack offers security and efficiency without limitations – connecting users globally for a local experience anytime, anywhere. The Lenovo ThinkStation P920 Rack will be available in October. To learn more about this powerful, new solution, visit www.lenovo.com/thinkworkstations and stay tuned for more at SEG 2019.

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