Lenovo LCIG Named Top 50 China Venture Capital Investors

CBN Weekly, the most circulated financial magazine in China, recently named Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group (LCIG) among its 2017/18 Top 50 China Venture Capital Investors.

LCIG ranks 11th. Established only two years ago, LCIG is one of the few industrial funds and the youngest investment institution in top 11. Sequoia Capital China, IDG Capital, and Shenzhen Venture Capital are the top three.

Companies were evaluated based on fundraising, team performance, project performance, and exit returns. As one of top 20 among 50 China’s venture capital firms, Lenovo demonstrates a high level of performance in selected projects and exit returns.

George He, SVP and President of LCIG, said “Lenovo is looking for companies that can truly deliver platform-level technology in core technologies over the next decade. LCIG will rely on its own resources to provide professional teams not only with financial support, but also support for brands, supply chain, management, human resources, legal, finance, etc. That is what makes LCIG stand out.”

Among this year’s Forbes China 30 Under 30 list, elites from 6 venture capital firms that invested by LCIG were entered.

LCIG’s outstanding results have also been recognized by some of the most renowned institutions: LCIG won 2017 Best Chinese Venture Capital Investor awarded by China Venture, and has been named 2018 China’s most Influential Investment Institution TOP50 List.


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