Lenovo Statement on Latest IDC Smartphone Report

IDC data on the global smartphone market for 2Q2014, shows the worldwide market increased 23%, while Lenovo strongly outpaced with a 39% increase. Lenovo remained number 4 while it narrowed the gap with Apple and Samsung.

Below is a statement that can be attributable to Lenovo’s Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing:

“IDC’s smartphone report demonstrates that Lenovo continues to have outstanding balance and strong momentum across our entire product portfolio.  It has been a month of milestones.  First, record high PC share as we approach 20% and strengthen our leadership in that market.  Then for the first time we became the number 3 tablet provider in the world, with 64% growth.  And now, record smartphone performance in China, solid expansion outside China and global growth of nearly 40% have made us an even stronger number 4 player globally.”

“With our continued organic growth and expansion, plus the opportunity presented by our acquisition of Motorola, pending final approvals, we are in great position to maintain our momentum.  We have tremendous balance between our core business – especially a profitable PC business – and growth engines like tablet, smartphone, enterprise and ecosystem.  We expect to continue to build on these strong results.”


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