Lenovo Statement on Q4 PC Market Results

IDC and Gartner both announced today their worldwide PC market share rankings for the 4th quarter of 2015. Lenovo maintained its position as the world’s #1 PC company with 21.4 percent market share according to IDC (Gartner reported 20.3 percent) a position the company has held for eleven consecutive quarters. The company continued to grow its market share lead over its closest rivals, despite a challenging market, currency fluctuations and fierce competition. In addition, Lenovo also saw momentum gains in the U.S., where it achieved its highest-ever 4Q market share of 12.5 percent according to IDC (Gartner reported 12.6 percent) and experienced the largest growth year-over-year of any major vendor at 21.3 percent according to IDC (Gartner reported 21.1 percent).

The following statement can be attributed to Gianfranco Lanci, President and Chief Operating Officer, Lenovo:

“We are pleased to see our unique ability to balance innovation and efficiency is paying dividends. Our consistency in leading the market for eleven successive quarters proves there is ample room for growth in a consolidating market.

Fuelled by new PC product lines such as ThinkPad X1 and Lenovo YOGA families, we are confident in driving further share gains in the coming quarters. Our PC business remains a solid foundation that drives success across the company. Combined with the ongoing development of our mobile and enterprise businesses, we have the diversity and broad portfolio that will bring growth, even in a tough market.

We remain fully committed to our goals and to delivering leading technologies and innovation to our customers.”



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