LenovoEMC Announces Next Generation of LifeLine Operating System For Its Iomega Network Storage Products

LifeLine 4.0 Expands Enterprise Computing and Security Features Designed for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses


News Highlights:

  • New LenovoEMC® LifeLine 4.0™ features include Integrated Virtualization Technology (IVX), Snapshots, SSD Cache Pools, iSCSI Security, Active Directory Hybrid Authentication and more
  • LifeLine 4.0 available next week as a free-of-charge download for existing owners of StorCenter™ ix and px series of network storage products
  • LenovoEMC-branded network storage devices with LifeLine 4.0 expected worldwide in May 

LenovoEMC Limited today announced the next generation of the award-winning LenovoEMC® LifeLine™ operating system for its Iomega-branded network storage solutions. LifeLine 4.0, available next week as a free-of-charge download for owners of StorCenter ™ ix and px series network storage products, includes new and improved enterprise computing and security features for easy and efficient storing, sharing and protecting of data for organizations and work groups of all sizes. LenovoEMC-branded network storage devices with LifeLine 4.0 are expected to debut in May.

”LenovoEMC LifeLine 4.0 improves upon our previous version of LifeLine, bringing advanced computing options and capabilities to our network storage products that organizations of all sizes can benefit from,” said Eric Arcese, president and general manager, LenovoEMC Ltd.  ”Businesses today need rock solid, dependable, affordable and innovative network storage, and this new version of LifeLine brings those attributes together with an intuitive menu of choices that can be tailored to the needs of any organization.  Existing and new customers will benefit from the latest technology embedded in the new version of LifeLine.”

New Features and Updated Capabilities of LenovoEMC LifeLine 4.0

  • Point in time of a backup of a storage volumes
  • Snapshot can be taken while the storage device is actively writing
  • Restore and revert the source volume to its former state at the time
  • Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) provider

SSD Caching (Cache Pools)

  • Pool of solid-state drives designed to automatically increase read and write speeds
  • Automatically caches frequently read and written files on fast SSD storage array
  • Available RAID data protection on SSD cache pool

IVX (Integrated Virtualization Technology)

  • Run multiple virtual machines (VMs) on the Iomega px12-400r and px12-450r rackmount arrays
  • VMs can be running Linux or Windows and can have their own private virtualized hardware, such as network cards, drives, and graphics adapters
  • Ideal for lightweight Windows Services or dedicated Linux Web Server

NFS v4

  • Improved security and manageability in networks
  • Windows Single Sign-On authentication to storage resources

Active Directory Hybrid Authentication

  • Local authentication mode if remote DC is not available

Active Directory High Availability

  • Connect to multiple Domain Controllers (DCs), access secondary DC if primary is offline

iSCSI Security

  • Mutual CHAP authentication provides secure connection


  • Highest capacity server class HDDs available (px series products only)

Twonky Media Server version 7

  • DLNA / UPnP compliant media server
  • Twonky Media Beam from mobile devices

Increased emphasis on network security features designed to protect data

  • LifeLine 4.0 emphasizes importance of utilizing included security features when making data accessible on the Internet, so that only those folders (and files) intended for sharing are accessible online

LenovoEMC Network Storage Devices
LenovoEMC offers its customers a full lineup of innovative desktop and rackmount network storage devices.  LenovoEMC’s network storage devices range in capacity from diskless up to 48TB of storage capacity. The Iomega StorCenter ix series and high performance px series of network storage desktop devices includes single-, double-, quad- and six-bay models, available in diskless versions, partially populated and fully populated models.  Rackmount network storage arrays in the px series feature six-bay and 12-bay models that are also available in diskless, partially populated and fully populated versions, utilizing consumer HDDs or Server Class SATA HDDs (depending on the model). Users also have the ability to add their own HDDs to LenovoEMC network storage products.

LenovoEMC® LifeLine™ 4.0 will be available next week as a free download for owners of existing Iomega® ix and px series of network storage products; please go to http://support.lenovoemc.comor www.iomega.com/support.  LenovoEMC-branded network storage devices with LifeLine 4.0 are expected to debut worldwide in May.  To learn about all of LenovoEMC’s Iomega-branded network storage products digital storage products, please go to www.lenovoemc.com or www.iomega.com.

About LenovoEMC Ltd
LenovoEMC is a joint venture established in December 2012 between Lenovo and EMC that includes the Iomega network storage product business. Lenovo and EMC created the joint venture based on Lenovo’s record as one of the fastest-growing information technology companies and Iomega’s heritage as a leader in network storage solutions. LenovoEMC delivers quality and ease-of-use that make its network storage products the best choice for customers of all types.  LenovoEMC develops and updates the LenovoEMC LifeLine storage operating system for its family of Iomega-branded products.  To learn more about all of LenovoEMC’s Iomega-branded network storage products, please go to the Web at www.iomega.comor www.lenovoemc.com. Resellers can visit Iomega atwww.ioclub.net.

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*1 TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes

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