MEDIA ALERT: Lenovo and Nutanix Simplify Integrating GPT Models with AI-Ready Enterprise Solutions at Nutanix .NEXT 2024

GPT-in-a-Box and New AI Infrastructure and Services Help Customers Run AI Workloads at Any Scale, Anywhere

May 22, 2024 – BARCELONA, Spain – At Nutanix .NEXT 2024, Lenovo showcased Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box™, qualified on Lenovo ThinkAgile HX665 V3 and ThinkAgile HX650 V3, the Lenovo AI Nutanix Validated Design (NVD) solution for large language models (LLM).  The turnkey hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions support AI inferencing for distributed AI applications from edge to cloud, leveraging Nutanix Validated Design (NVD) to help drive innovation and achieve AI performance breakthroughs.  

Using the solution, enterprises can seamlessly deploy a curated set of LLMs using leading open-source AI frameworks and integrate Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) capabilities for generative AI and AI/ML applications while maintaining control over their data and applications.

“With today’s IT landscape, organizations continue to scale their AI applications and workloads. Lenovo’s new solutions, supported on Nutanix GPT-in-a-box, strengthen the deployment of generative AI and AI/ML applications by providing a full-stack AI-ready scalable platform with enhanced security for customers,” said Vladimir Rozanovich, SVP, Worldwide Infrastructure Solutions Group, Lenovo. “Customers can implement the new systems anywhere across the hybrid cloud environment from small-scale edge to large-scale private cloud.”

Lenovo also announced the new ThinkAgile HX360 V2 Edge solution, a comprehensive pre-validated HCI solution with Nutanix software and leading open-source AI frameworks to maximize consolidation at the edge for AI workloads. The ThinkAgile HX solutions with Nutanix Cloud Platform can provide up to 79% reduced TCO and up to 418% ROI1. Lenovo and Nutanix make hybrid cloud simple and cost-effective for organizations with hardware, software and professional services combined to implement an end-to-end solution. Customers can scale as they grow, maximize availability with zero-touch deployment and easily manage unlimited nodes remotely.  Additionally, Lenovo’s new VM Migration Services allows customers to fast-track AI with proven expertise and migrate to new solutions inclusive of configuration, validation, and ongoing solution management.

“Customers in every industry are seeing Gen AI applications as a break-out strategy”, said Lee Caswell, SVP Nutanix “Lenovo’s support for Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box integrates the latest qualified hardware with with a full Nutanix software stack to take Gen AI from concept to success.” 

Generative AI is driving a significant technology transformation, and customers are seeking solutions enabling them to develop and deploy complex AI workloads flexibly. Lenovo’s Hybrid AI solutions are purpose-built to efficiently bring AI to customer data, where and when users need it the most – from edge to cloud – advancing Lenovo’s vision to enable smarter AI for all. With Lenovo’s Hybrid AI strategy, customers have access to the industry’s most comprehensive  AI portfolio, which helps them accelerate their AI journey and improve business outcomes.

Watch a replay of Lenovo on stage at Nutanix.NEXT 2024 and hear full details of Lenovo’s collaboration with Nutanix to deliver AI-ready enterprise solutions.

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1Enterprise Strategy Group Economic Validation, The Economic Benefits of Lenovo ThinkAgile HX SeriesPowered by the Nutanix Cloud Platform, May 2024.


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