New “ideas” from Lenovo™ Inspire a PC Refresh this Holiday Season

Meet the new portfolio of Lenovo™ ideacentre™ and ideapad™ desktops, laptops and tablets

  • New Lenovo™ design paired with Intel® RealSense™ Cameras and Windows® 10 deliver fresh PC performance
  • New ideapad™ MIIX 700 12-inch 2-in-1 tablet is recognizably different with a unique dual watchband hinge kickstand for those who value stylish design
  • New ideacentre™ AIO 700 desktop makes this holiday season twice as nice for music and movie lovers, with up to double the CPU performance, screen resolution and memory capacity than three years ago
  • New ideapad™ 300 and 500 laptops are thinner and lighter than three years ago – debuting with their even thinner and lighter cousins ideapad™ 100S, 300S and 500S for those on the move

Berlin, September 2, 2015 – Lenovo™ (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) today announced seven new desktops, laptops and tablets across its popular ideacentre™ and ideapad™ sub-brands, giving discerning shoppers multiple reasons to upgrade this holiday season. The fresh portfolio of devices include the new ideapad™ MIIX 700 2-in-1 tablet, new ideacentre™ AIO 700 desktop and five new laptops – ideapad™ 300 and 500 and their thinner and lighter cousins ideapad™ 100S, 300S and 500S.

The new ideacentre™ AIO 700 desktop delivers up to double the power, screen resolution and memory capacity from its three-year-old previous generation – ideal for watching videos and gaming. In addition to the performance leap, all the new devices boast state-of-the-art Lenovo™ design, significantly improved portability and the promise of intuitive, new technology like Windows® 10 and Intel® RealSense™ Cameras. The new trio of ideapad™ MIIX 700 2-in-1 tablet, ideacentre™ AI0 700 desktop and ideapad™ 500 laptop are all available with optional Intel® RealSense™ Cameras so users can explore, discover and create new and intuitive ways to 3D game, video chat, scan and print through gesture-based computing.

The computing trifecta of Lenovo™ design, performance and the latest advancements in software and hardware offers consumers a completely refreshed computing experience.

Enjoy a Holiday Makeover with the New ideapad™ MIIX 700
A new addition to the tablet family, the new ideapad™ MIIX 700 12-inch tablet with keyboard folio is designed to stand out from the party crowd.  Recognizably different, the 2-in-1 tablet is powered by up to a new 6th Gen Intel® Core™ m7 processor and features dual watchband hinges, opening the door for new and disruptive ways to work and play with seamless transition between laptop, stand and tablet mode – ideal for those who value stylish and progressive design.

Home for the Holidays with the New ideacentre™ AIO 700 Home Entertainment Desktop
The new ideacentre™ AIO 700 powerful desktop boasts the latest 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor, coupled with up to a stunning 27-inch UHD 10-point multitouch display with JBL® stereo speakers for penetrating sound quality, and discrete graphics for a theatre like entertainment experience. This all-in-one desktop has upgraded to up to twice the CPU performance, screen resolution and memory capacity as its three-year-old previous generation – offering music and movie buffs double the incentive to refresh their hardware this season. A removable slip-off back panel provides the flexibility for tinkerers to quickly get under the hood and upgrade, expand or maintain their ideacentre™ AIO 700. The new desktop is also available with Intel® RealSense™ Camera for users to engage more naturally with their PC and enjoy the next generation of user experiences with gestures through new 3D camera enabled applications.

Watching Your Weight This Holiday? Indulge in New Thinner and Lighter ideapad™ Laptops
Up to 33 percent thinner today than they were three years ago, Lenovo’s signature ideapad™ 300 and 500 laptops take portability to the next level. Weighing in at 2.1 kg for the 14-inch laptop and 2.3 kg for the 15-inch laptop, both laptops are incredibly compact and mobile. They come with up to NVIDIA® GeForce® 920 graphics, 1 TB of storage and all feature Dolby® Advanced Audio.  The lightening WiFi speed of the ideapad 300 ensures video viewing and game play is up to three times faster than regular laptops[1]. The ideapad 500 is powered by up to the latest 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor for serious horsepower and comes with optional JBL® speakers and Intel® RealSense™ Camera for the ultimate next-generation video chatting experience.

For those who want to upgrade to an even thinner and lighter laptop, the new ideapad™ 100S, 300S and 500S are an ideal fit. Not only are they thinner and lighter than their ideapad™ 300 and 500 cousins, they are also much lighter than their comparably priced counterparts from three years ago. The ideapad™ 100S 14-inch laptop is a whopping 35 percent lighter and the ideapad™ 500S 15-inch laptop is 20 percent lighter than three years ago. Yet the new ideapad™ 100S, 300S and 500S laptops are surprisingly affordable, making them the perfect travel companion for those who value portability.

“The philosophy behind all our products is simple – customers first. Whether you are looking for greater portability, higher performance or better design, there has never been a better time for consumers to upgrade their devices this holiday season,” said Dilip Bhatia, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing and User Experience, PC & Enterprise Business Group, Lenovo.

“The new ideacentre™ and ideapad™ devices combine Lenovo’s elegant design with the great performance of the new 6th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, Intel’s best processor ever. We are delighted to offer holiday shoppers exciting experiences with the new 6th Gen Intel® Core™ processor and the Intel® RealSense™ Camera in these amazing new systems from Lenovo,” said Kirk Skaugen, Intel’s Senior Vice President, General Manager, Client Computing Group.

Pricing & Availability
All Lenovo products are available on

The 12-inch ideapad™ MIIX 700 is available with an optional Intel® RealSense™ Camera. It starts at $699 (without RealSense™ Camera), available in November, 2015.

The ideacentre™ AIO 700 is available with 24-inch and 27-inch screens and optional Intel® RealSense™ Camera. The 24-inch desktop starts at $899, available in October, 2015.

The ideapad™ 300 is available with 14-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch screens. The 14-inch laptop starts at $399, available in October, 2015.

The ideapad™ 500 is available with 14-inch and 15-inch screens (with optional Intel® RealSense™ Camera on the 15-inch laptop). The 14-inch laptop starts at $499, available in October, 2015.

The ideapad 100S is available with 11-inch and 14-inch screens. The 11-inch laptop starts at $179, available in October, 2015.

The ideapad 300S is available with 11-inch and 14-inch screens. The 11-inch laptop starts at $249, available in October, 2015.

The ideapad 500S is available with 13-inch, 14-inch and 15-inch screens. The 13-inch laptop starts at $499, available in October, 2015.

*Prices do not include tax or shipping or options and are subject to change without notice; additional terms and conditions apply. Reseller prices may vary. On-shelf dates may vary by geography and products may only be available in selected markets. All offers subject to availability. Lenovo reserves the right to alter product offerings, features and specifications at any time without notice.

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[1]Offers up to three times the Internet connection speeds of  802.11 b/g/n.

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