Seeking consistency, predictability and speedy deployment? Lenovo has the solution with the ThinkAgile VX Series

Preconfigured hyperconverged appliance powered by VMware vSAN


Many businesses today are struggling to keep pace with customer demand, rapid data growth, and rapid business growth — the latter being the best problem to have but, only if you can capitalize on new revenue opportunities and reap the profitable rewards quickly!

Businesses are under pressure to meet current requirements as well as predicting the needs of the business in six months out, or even longer.  As a result of these pressures, digital transformation has become an imperative for small, medium and large enterprises.  All businesses, big or small, are looking to drive lower costs, improve their time-to-market, and improve processes to help them disrupt the status quo and innovate. Whether it is dealing with unplanned outages, adding more users, deploying new applications, or implementing new business models, the ability to quickly adapt to change can be a challenge with aging traditional infrastructures.

Lenovo® and VMware can help businesses modernize their IT environments and start the journey to a software-defined data center.  The result is a fast, streamlined infrastructure that saves time and improves performance—while making your IT organization more agile, and freeing up time to focus on strategic projects that will increase the bottom line.

Lenovo ThinkAgile™ VX Series is a new offering from Lenovo that is designed to address these concerns.  It helps you to focus on your business rather than your infrastructure.   When compared to traditional infrastructures, hyperconvergence can increase your productivity by cutting time required to:

  • Provision storage
  • Provision virtual machines
  • Monitor and troubleshoot
  • Adjust app resources
  • Performance tune and optimize
  • Perform app and data migration.

This hyperconverged offering is tightly integrated with vSphere, vCenter, and Lenovo XClarity the tools you use to virtualize and manage your infrastructure today.  Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series is designed to help you solve your most critical business issues.  Unlike ReadyNodes, VMware vSAN is pre-installed, pre-tested and validated in our factory on the VX Series.  This configurable, flexible, and highly scalable appliance comes ready-to-deploy, allowing you to get to production with speed. And you are not on your own. Lenovo ThinkAgile Advantage, a new professional service offer developed to provide a first-class experience, is included with the system. This expert service provides deployment and support to boost the effectiveness of your IT infrastructure.  With Lenovo ThinkAgile Advantage, you have access to deployment by skilled technicians, a single point-of-contact for support and onsite hardware repair.  Lenovo will help you get up and running and stay up and running.

With Lenovo, you not only get a solution that is built on an industry-proven ThinkSystem™ platform which is ranked #1 in reliability¹, #1 customer satisfaction2, and holds more than 40 record breaking benchmarks, but you also get a hyperconverged platform that has been deployed successfully in more than 8000 vSAN installations worldwide.

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1 2016-2017 Global Hardware, Server OS Reliability Report, ITIC; October 2016.
2 1H2017 Corporate IT Buying Behavior and Customer Satisfaction Study, TBR; June 2017.

LENOVO, THINKAGILE, and THINKSYSTEM are trademarks of Lenovo.  All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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