Lenovo’s ThinkEdge Portfolio Expansion Powered by NVIDIA Jetson and AWS Panorama

At NVIDIA’s 2021 GPU Technology Conference (GTC), Lenovo™ announced its first ThinkEdge appliance enabled for Amazon Web Services (AWS) leveraging AWS Panorama and powered by the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX platform. The three technology leaders are working together to bring comprehensive machine learning capabilities to existing camera infrastructure and enterprise environments at the edge through secure, scalable and managed services. Lenovo’s ThinkEdge appliance will be globally available in late 2021 with a best-in-class engineering, reliability and scalability offering to accelerate customer adoption across the commercial market.

In conjunction with AWS and NVIDIA, Lenovo will offer a beta program for new users starting in August 2021. Customers and collaborators can register here to be considered for access to the program.

Lenovo’s ThinkEdge appliance, based on the AWS Panorama Device Software Development Kit (SDK), will redefine the enterprise’s ability to transform existing camera infrastructure into intelligent automated environments. Lenovo’s ThinkEdge portfolio of devices includes enterprise-level services and support from a global leader in PCs and supercomputers. Customers can securely accelerate their edge deployments at large scale with faster return on investments based on fully optimized solution stack from Lenovo, NVIDIA and AWS. Product specs will be available in the second half of 2021.

To learn more about the ThinkEdge portfolio: https://www.lenovo.com/ThinkEdge.

The Lenovo ThinkEdge offering will be powered by NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX, a production ready, high-performance, small form factor, power-efficient system on module (SOM) with cloud-native support for embedded and edge-based AI systems.  The Jetson Xavier NX module delivers up to 21 trillion operations/second (TOPS), making it ideal for high-performance compute and artificial intelligence in embedded and edge systems.

To deliver the performance required for modern AI, Jetson Xavier NX uses a 384-core NVIDIA Volta GPU, six-core NVIDIA Carmel Arm®v8.2 64-bit CPU and 8GB of LPDDR4x memory. This compact edge AI computing SOM inside the ThinkEdge product combines exceptional performance and power advantages to deliver an outstanding enterprise-grade appliance leveraging Lenovo’s hardware and the AWS Panorama Device SDK.

To learn more about NVIDIA Jetson NX: https://www.NVIDIA.com/en-us/autonomous-machines/embedded-systems/jetson-xavier-nx/

Lenovo’s ThinkEdge appliance built with the AWS Panorama Device SDK enables customers to bring machine learning to on-premises cameras for making predictions locally with high accuracy and low latency. Customers can automate tasks that historically required human intervention, such as evaluating manufacturing quality or identifying bottlenecks in industrial processes. Powered by the performance of the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX module, Lenovo’s ThinkEdge appliance enabled for AWS Panorama will support connecting to multiple camera streams simultaneously and run multiple machine learning models per stream. Customers will be able to securely deploy existing machine learning models or a partner’s model. The ThinkEdge platform enables customers to address a wide array of use cases across industrial, manufacturing, worker safety, logistics, transportation, retail analytics, smart building, and smart city, using machine learning at the edge.

To learn more about AWS Panorama: https://aws.amazon.com/panorama/

Watch Lenovo ThinkEdge’s announcement at NVIDIA’s 2021 GTC .

GTC is free to attend, and you and your team can register here.

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