Truscale Hybrid Cloud for Edge: Compute Power That Drives Value Where It’s Needed Most

Lenovo’s Truscale Hybrid Cloud for Edge is now available to help customers drive value beyond the data center by bringing cloud computing closer to the edge. 

Edge computing is essential to competitiveness, and as organizations innovate through technology, they need greater computing power where it matters most. Truscale Hybrid Cloud for Edge combines hybrid cloud and edge computing to extend cloud capability to the edge, where data is generated and consumed. With storage and processing power optimized, diverse industries can tackle specific use cases that enhance performance, responsiveness, and efficiency. And IT teams are free to focus on other areas of importance.

“IT knows edge computing is important to remain competitive, but they are pulled in so many directions that they can’t make edge a sufficient priority,” said Craig Routledge, Truscale Leader and Executive Director of Hybrid Cloud Services. “Truscale enables a broader range of organizations to innovate through hybrid cloud and edge. Truscale Hybrid Cloud for Edge is a smarter, more reliable path to edge implementation that works across configurations from edge to core to cloud and can be deployed quickly across geographies for many innovative uses.” 

Data capacity and processing optimization offered by Truscale Hybrid Cloud for Edge is critical to manufacturing, retail, smart infrastructure and smart cities, healthcare, security, and more. Learn more about benefits and uses here.

Hybrid cloud at the edge is important to provide balanced, efficient computing for the requirements and challenges of evolving technologies, such as AI. Truscale Hybrid Cloud for Edge is a flexible, scalable solution that can accommodate even small footprints. Among the technological advantages, customers benefit from a pay-as-you-go consumption model to help manage cost; a Lenovo Customer Success Manager to monitor and ensure technology is refreshed as operations scale; plus, improved operational efficiency and visibility through the self-service Truscale Cloud Management Platform.


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