Lenovo wins big for advancements in sustainability, environmental achievement, and leadership

Multiple Lenovo initiatives honored through 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards

To succeed at sustainability, bold initiatives must be well-planned and supremely executed. With a focus on helping customers measure performance, embed sustainability in their IT environments, and choose the right solutions to turn ambitions into actions, Lenovo’s Sustainability Solutions portfolio has been recognized by the 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards – an environmental program that honors organizations that demonstrate strong leadership, innovation, and commitment to sustainable business practices.

The SEAL awards feature four categories—initiative, innovation, product, service—and Lenovo’s product, services, and supply chain efforts received honors across all four.

Graphic with the SEAL award and Lenovo logo.

Lenovo’s International Supply Chain Organization (ISCC) won the SEAL Environmental Initiative Award for Transform Trash to Treasure, its innovative parts-harvesting program. This award recognizes specific initiatives that move the needle on environmental progress and demonstrate leadership and commitment to a sustainable future. An evolution of Lenovo’s reverse & repair business, parts harvesting enables Lenovo to recover useable parts from defective devices, thereby extending the lifecycle of each component. This initiative promotes the transition to a circular economy.

Recognizing innovations that represent game-changing ideas that lead to a more sustainable future, the SEAL Sustainable Innovation Award was presented to the newly launched Lenovo Intelligent Sustainability Solutions Advisor (LISSA). This AI-powered sustainability engine informs IT sustainability strategies through data intelligence. Knowing that certain efficiencies can help reduce carbon footprint, Lenovo’s solution architects and sales professionals, through LISSA, help businesses understand the estimated emissions impact of IT purchases from Lenovo, unlocking potential emission reduction opportunities across the lifecycle. Through this innovative platform, Lenovo helps customers proactively plan and embed sustainability solutions with measurable outcomes.

The Lenovo Neptune™ liquid cooling technology won the SEAL Sustainable Product Award category. Developed to drive energy efficiency without compromising performance, Lenovo Neptune™ liquid cooling technology helps extract heat from high-performance computing (HPC) systems to reduce power consumption while increasing performance to accelerate computing capabilities. As a result, Lenovo Neptune™ helps:

  • Recycle loops of warm water to cool data center systems
  • Reduce power consumption by up to 40%
  • Deliver up to a 3.5x improvement in thermal efficiencies compared to traditional air-cooled systems

And Lenovo’s Reduced Carbon Transport Service, a distinct offering that gives enterprise customers low-carbon airfreight options, won the  SEAL Sustainable Service Award reserved for services that are setting a new standard for sustainability. By using SAF credits to deliver their IT purchases, customers can reduce the associated CO2 emissions by a minimum of 70%.1 Reduced Carbon Transport Service combines speed of delivery and sustainability in one service. Innovations like Lenovo’s Reduced Carbon Transport Service benefit customers by helping to clear a pathway toward more sustainable IT decision-making.

In sweeping the prestigious 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards categories, Lenovo adds award-winning portfolio of solutions bragging rights to its already strong sustainability leadership position. From reimagining the lifecycle of supply chain parts to developing innovative and purpose-built solutions such as Lenovo Neptune™ liquid cooling technology, Reduced Carbon Transport Service, and LISSA, Lenovo is setting new sustainability standards for a smarter and more sustainable future.

“At Lenovo, we continue to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of our business – from designing our products or services, to partnering with suppliers to develop new applications for recovered materials,” said Claudia Contreras, Executive Director of Global Sustainability Services for Lenovo. “These award-winning products and services exemplify our vision of embedding sustainability deeper into the technology value chain so that customers have a pathway to a more sustainable future.”

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1Approximate percentage LCA GHG reduction versus fossil jet based on feedstock used in SAF such as waste and residue lipids, oilseed bearing trees on low-ILUC degraded land or as a rotational oil cover crop. Indirect CO2 emissions reduction benefit is obtained through the purchase of Sustainable Aviation Fuel credits.


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