Reading between the lines: Lenovo’s innovative partnership with Barnes & Noble

Colin McIsaac, Vice President and General Manager, Lenovo North America Solutions

Gone are the days where buying or borrowing a physical copy is the only way to access books. E-readers are a sustainable, affordable, and practical solution to reading and listening to a multitude of stories on the go. Lenovo and Barnes & Noble’s recent launch of the NOOK9 Lenovo Tablet introduces its most customizable experience yet with its one-of-a-kind e-reader.

Elevating reading for all and enhancing customer experience lies at the center of Lenovo’s partnership with Barnes & Noble.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic spending on recreational reading increased by 22.9%, growing into a $15.2 billion industry. Lenovo and Barnes & Noble saw this as a key opportunity to improve the reading experience. Lenovo recognizes that reading is so much more than picking up a book, it’s making memories, fostering creativity, and transforming the way people think.

The evolution of Lenovo’s partnership with Barnes & Noble demonstrates the value of hands-on collaboration, trust, and proactivity in today’s retail landscape. The first result of this partnership included NOOK10” tablet sales exceeding expectations. Knowing that the demand for reading had grown significantly since the pandemic, Lenovo seized the opportunity to make e-reading even more enjoyable and seamless for Barnes & Noble’s customer base.

Inspired by NOOK10 learnings, Lenovo and Barnes & Noble developed the latest e-reader, the NOOK 9, with user experience at heart. Readers can carry their library with them everywhere and store thousands of eBooks with 64 GB of storage. Increased battery life from 10 to 13 hours allows for more uninterrupted reading time throughout the day and on-the-go. Additionally, blue light eye protection and audiobook capabilities give tired eyes a break so readers can fully relax while enjoying their favorite book.

Lenovo and Barnes & Noble strengthened their partnership in more than one way – extending innovation to their tablet distribution and inventory systems in-stores. Prior to shipment, Lenovo preloads the NOOK reading app onto the tablets, so they are ready to go once arriving in stores. Lenovo’s shipments incorporate Barnes & Noble’s unique shipping codes to integrate into their proprietary inventory system from the moment the tablets leave Lenovo’s facilities. To create further efficiencies for Barnes & Noble, Lenovo adjusted packaging and shipments to reflect individual needs of various stores.

Our partnership with Lenovo allows us to elevate the reading experience for our customers,” said Susan McCulloch, Senior Director, NOOK. “Pairing our two brands uniquely specialized in technology and the written word allows for the creative freedom to dream up the future of reading. The trust we’ve built through this partnership continues to deliver benefits felt from the supply chain to the end user curling up on the couch with a new e-book, digital magazine, or audiobook.”

 Left to right : Mary Lou Miller, Lenovo Director Client Relationship; Susan McCulloch, B&N Sr. Director Nook; Colleen Lawrence, Lenovo OEM Acquisition Sales; Take Yamano, B&N Manager of Nook Inventory and Analysis; and John Nguyen, Lenovo Client Manager
Left to right : Mary Lou Miller, Lenovo Director Client Relationship; Susan McCulloch, B&N Sr. Director Nook; Colleen Lawrence, Lenovo OEM Acquisition Sales; Take Yamano, B&N Manager of Nook Inventory and Analysis; and John Nguyen, Lenovo Client Manager

In designing the latest NOOK 9, Lenovo delivered custom etching, imaging, naming, and artwork for Barnes & Noble. The new devices are not just a means of reading, they’re an extension of the in-store experience for Barnes & Noble customers and NOOK app users. The sky is the limit with 4.5+ million curated e-books to choose from in the NOOK 9 including magazines and newspapers, and different modes allowing readers to switch between black and white and color content. An extra layer of personalization comes via the front and rear cameras, letting readers capture moments while enjoying their favorite story.

The Lenovo team embraces the opportunity to create novel experiences for customers. By collaborating closely with the Barnes & Noble team during the development process, we were able to create a stunning new e-reader with great features like extended battery life, more storage, and blue light eye protection.”  said Marc Godin, Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Smart Devices Solutions Group, “Our continued teamwork with Barnes & Noble and what we bring to market demonstrates our commitment to placing smarter technology in the hands of customers.”

Lenovo’s partnership with Barnes & Noble shows lasting commitment to a common goal: experts in technology and reading working together to make reading smarter and more accessible for everyone. Showcasing the successful collaboration, Lenovo Sales Executive Thomas Vanderkin recently recorded an unboxing video of the NOOK 9 Lenovo Tablet in a new Barnes & Noble store location in Cary, North Carolina.


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