16 August 2018

Summer Camp at Lenovo: Mars Expeditions, Hockey, and Rebuilding PCs

A group of enthusiastic students with autism refurbished PCs, explored the (virtual) surface of Mars and depths of the ocean, and played floor hockey with the Carolina Hurricanes.
01 August 2018

Skilling and Transforming India’s Next Gen Workforce

We interviewed Viswanat Baminee, Director of Legal & Company Secretary at Lenovo India, to learn about this hands-on training program to help underserved communities, provide valuable training and education, and ultimately address India’s unemployment problem. 
18 July 2018

A Daring Two-Wheeled Journey to the Edge of the Earth

Motorcycle enthusiast (and Lenovo employee) Mike Ferrell is about to embark on the off-road adventure of a lifetime. And there’s a man high in the mountains of Mongolia whose world may never be the same.

13 July 2018

Passion for Problem Solving: How One Lenovo Employee’s Determination Helps Save the Ocean and Drives Technology Adoption

Nicole Nason, award-winning surfer and star Lenovo associate, shares her inspiring story of community impact. Whether its supporting ocean conservation or empowering her world through technology, Nicole is on a never-ending quest to make a difference. 
21 June 2018

No Excuses Club: The Endless Perseverance of Massimiliano Sechi

“I was told I would never have a girlfriend, a job, or be able to drive,” says Massimiliano “MacsHG” Sechi. “Every challenge I’ve conquered is a direct result of someone telling me, ‘You can’t do that.’” Born in Sardinia, Italy with phocomelia — a rare congenital deformity in which limbs are underdeveloped or absent — the 31-year-old motivational speaker and founder of the No Excuses Club is used to hearing the word “No.”
21 June 2018

Using Technology to Improve the Lives of People with Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that can touch the lives of anyone, anywhere. Caused by a mismatch in chromosomes, Down syndrome impacts 1 in every 1,000-1,100 births around the world, according to World Health Organization (WHO). Though Down syndrome is prevalent around the globe, there is still low awareness and understanding of Down syndrome in some areas of the world, creating lack of experience and resources to support individuals in need.
18 June 2018

Reaching Underserved Communities With Technology

Sao Paulo, Brazil employees worked with Caminhando, an organization that helps adults with disabilities. In addition to interacting with adults through fun activities, Lenovo gave five Lenovo laptops and a virtual reality set to bridge the technology gap to underserved populations and helping to enrich the lives of the adults who rely upon the center.
18 June 2018

Lenovo Italy Helps Diverse Communities During Make A Difference Week 2018

Lenovians in Italy partnered with Punto D’Incontro to do enriching projects with adults with disabilities during Make A Difference Week 2018.
18 June 2018

Apprentissage STEM at the Centre de Charles Peguy During Make A Difference Week 2018

During Make A Difference Week 2018 employees in Lenovo’s Paris office revisted the Centre de Charles Peguy. In 2017, employees interacted with the center’s youth population, providing meaningful activities around STEM careers. Employees continued their work with the Centre de Charles Peguy by rehabilitating their library and ensuring that the organization’s client have a bright and inviting place to learn.
18 June 2018

Building Wind Cars with Project SYNCERE for STEM Learning

In Lenovo’s Motorola Chicago office, volunteers worked with Project SYNCERE, an organization that exposes underprivileged youth to crucial STEM activities. Motorola employees built wind cars and robotic arms with students, as well as having career conversations during Make A Difference Week 2018. 
15 November 2018

The Heart and Vision of Diversity and Inclusion

Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion, Seth Smiley-Humphries, shares his personal story to show why both diversity and inclusion are necessary for organizations to thrive.  
22 October 2018

Lenovo Becomes "Love on"

For one day, we’ve changed our name to reflect our mission. The Lenovo Foundation unites Lenovo’s global giving efforts to advance STEM Education programs, increase access to opportunities for diverse populations, and empower employees to improve global communities.
18 June 2018

Make A Difference Week 2018

Lenovo employees gave back to communities around the world again in 2018 through Make a Difference Week, our annual Global Week of Service during April. In North America, Lenovo worked with the National Academy Foundation (NAF) to make high school students future ready in the work place with mock interviews and career coaching.