04 January 2019

Lenovo CEO: Technology Transforming Society for the Better

Lenovo is harnessing the power of smart technology via the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), giving customers the ability to experience the world in a more intuitive, immersive way.
17 December 2018

Peter Hortensius Shares Learnings from A Legacy Career

After a 31-year career, Peter Hortensius, CTO and Head of Strategy, Data Center Group (DCG) at Lenovo, has decided to retire.
13 November 2018

Paternity Leave Helps Lenovo Working Dad Stay Connected In Both His Roles

Angus Coghlan has two job titles: Senior General Procurement Manager and dad, now times two. He recently returned to Lenovo after seven weeks of paid paternity leave after his wife gave birth to their second child. In the U.S., Lenovo offers up to 28 weeks of paid maternity leave to moms and two months for fathers to give families time to connect and transition back to the workplace.
08 November 2018

Q2 2018/19 Key Achievements & Milestones (Infographic)

Lenovo’s ongoing commitment to Intelligent Transformation is driving clear growth across PCs and other smart devices, servers, and mobile. Innovations in essential and emerging technologies—including AI, 5G, Smart IoT, AR/VR, and more—position Lenovo as an ambitious, inventive, and singularly equipped leader.
For more details, check out our full earnings press release and the infographic below.
07 November 2018

Clear Mission, Strategy And Execution Power Lenovo To Third Straight Double-Digit Quarterly Revenue Growth And Back-To-Back Quarterly Profit Growth

For the third straight quarter, Lenovo achieved strong double-digit growth in revenue year-over-year. Group revenue reached US$13.4 billion, up 14% year-over-year (18% YOY excluding currency impact) – reporting its highest quarterly revenue for nearly four years. The company also reported its second consecutive quarter of strong, pre-tax income of US$213 million, six times as much as the previous year (+US$178 million) as all businesses reported profit improvements.  
01 October 2018

Lenovo’s Chief Sustainability Officer on Dedication to Community and the Environment

As a global technology leader, Lenovo is determined to create a better world not only through the products and services we offer, but also in our commitment to implementing sustainable practices. We want to ensure we’re making a positive impact in the world socially and environmentally.
26 September 2018

Infographic: Lenovo's 2018 Sustainability Achievements

In pursuing our social and environmental goals, we’re guided by the same level of commitment and accountability as we are in achieving our business goals. At Lenovo, excellence in sustainability and excellence in business go hand in hand.
26 September 2018

Infographic: Sustainability and Citizenship Across the Globe

Lenovo brings technology and opportunities to communities around the world, and we always strive to do so inclusively and sustainably. Pulling from our latest sustainability report, this infographic highlights some of our work across six continents.
25 September 2018

Lenovo Again Named to 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers

This prestigious honor recognizes our efforts to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. Marshae Mansfield, Lenovo North America Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, was also recognized as the 2018 Lenovo Working Mother of the Year.
15 August 2018

Q1 2018/19 Key Achievements & Milestones

Check out our key achievements and milestones from the last quarter!
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