Beyond the Numbers: Lenovo and its Supply Chain

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Lenovo today announced its Q3 financial results with historic highs for both profit and revenue which topped $US20 billion for the first time. Lenovo’s focus on operational excellence, has helped it navigate wider industry supply challenges and delivered rapid growth and profitability across all key business groups and geographies.

Che Min (Jammi) Tu, SVP & Group Operations Officer shares his insights into how Lenovo is successfully navigating the ongoing supply issues and how his work to digitalize and use AI is transforming Lenovo’s supply chain.

“Supply chain digitalization is one of the key drivers to Lenovo’s success and ensures we maintain best-in-case supply chain excellence”


Lenovo powers Lenovo

As a global technology leader, Lenovo is pioneering the use of groundbreaking AI to enhance our own operations, so we can help enterprises transform and embrace smarter AI for all.

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