Defending Animals and Overcoming Disabilities Through Accessible Technology

Scarlett Chen, Manager Internal Communications, Lenovo

Some animals in Argentina are lucky to have the generous and tireless support of Carolina Ragazzon, who fights through disability to help others.

Carolina's headshot

With psoriasis arthritis, Carolina has trouble moving her hands, wrists, neck and hip; she has one good eye, but the other is ulcerated and only distinguishes colors or shapes. These conditions don’t stop her from giving back and prioritizing the welfare of others—in fact they help motivate her.

Carolina is an engineer and data analyst for Lenovo’s global reporting team, and a passionate advocate for Lenovo’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. While Carolina works on her technical duties and purpose-driven work at Lenovo, she has maintained a personal passion to assist animals in any way she can. That outreach led her to someone extraordinary: Teté.

Carolina met her friend Teté through an animal rescue group. Teté posted pictures of animals she rescued or in need of help, but hardly ever of herself. After the two became good friends via email, Carolina traveled to Teté’s city to meet her in person.

“Seeing her in the wheelchair perplexed me!” Carolina said. “I never imagined that could be her. It was hard to believe that Teté, as the person who saved so many animals, especially cats and dogs, was in such a physical condition. I mean, she would go to different places in her wheelchair to rescue animals, no matter if it was raining, hot or muddy.”

Tete rescuing a cat

To Carolina, Teté embodies resilience. Teté lives in a wheelchair and carries an oxygen tank with her. She can only move her right hand, which she uses to work her magic: she writes poems, short stories, and paints beautifully on the computer.

“Teté used to have a tower computer which was very old,” Carolina said. “When I got the bonus from our company, I bought her something! I picked a ThinkPad, which has great product accessibility. I even found out that Lenovo designed keyboards specifically for people like us who might spill water a lot. Now that Teté has got a Thinkpad, she’s taking classes on programming, testing software, graphic design, and community management. Even though she was never given the opportunity to work, she is still learning. She’s really active – far more than I am!”

Tete with ThinkPad

Lenovo’s celebration of people with disabilities and accessible innovation means a lot to Carolina. “To me, accessibility is a way of life. I’m glad this story came out, no longer hidden. The more visible we, disabled people, are, the better society/community will be. I hope we recognize differences and special needs to include, NOT to exclude. Invite those different ones!”

Lenovo’s Product Diversity Office links Lenovo’s disability inclusion efforts to emerging technology by working with product teams across the business to ensure emerging tech is accessible for all – no matter their background or ability. People with disabilities should be empowered by technology, which is part of Lenovo’s goal of delivering smarter technology for all—something Carolina exemplifies.

“Also, I’d like to mention another group that wasn’t considered: those on special diets due to health problems, diabetics, celiac, vegetarians, vegans, etc. They’re other groups that hardly get considered for their differences”

Many thanks to Carolina for sharing her story with us. Lenovo is proud to support Carolina’s efforts in the community and her engagement in programs, particularly through employee giving programs so that she can further her impact in the community, whether for rescued animals or disability advocacy. We look forward to hearing more of her insights into how product accessibility can amplify the community impact of people like Teté.


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