Football Inspires Costa Rican Woman to Break Conventions

Yiyalin Rodríguez defies expectations and conventions. Most girls in her community—the Ngäbe indigenous tribe in the Coto Brus area of Costa Rica—focus on a future of working locally, filling their homes with children, and staying close to their reservation. The 22-year-old Rodríguez, however, discovered a profound passion for football and found a life beyond what she calls “the idea that women are only here to have children.”

Now, empowered by Equal Playing Field and Seprojoven, Rodríguez is attending the Women’s World Cup in France alongside other women from Central America who otherwise might never imagine a future in sports. Watch more of her story below. (English captions are available by clicking the CC button.)

For more background and inspiration, read our interview with Equal Playing Field founder Laura Youngson. Lenovo will share EPF stories throughout the year, focusing on players, coaches, and the power of technology to increase equality. Lenovo is acting as a technology sponsor for EPF, providing devices and other support to empower the organization. Follow EPF on Twitter and stay tuned to StoryHub for more content.


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