Dr. Favia Dubyk

Dr. Favia is a physician, professional rock climber, animal lover, cancer survivor, and photographer.

Her Mission

To promote health and diversity through medicine and rock climbing.

How Technology is Playing a Role

My specialty in medicine is pathology. As a cancer survivor, pathologists played a crucial role in my battle against cancer and inspired my career path. I am the doctor who performs autopsies, runs the lab, and diagnoses diseases. Having a sharp and colorful screen to share images with patients and a computer that runs swiftly and smoothly are vital to a positive experience.

As a person of color, I am trying to increase the visibility of POC climbers in social media, magazines, and the outdoor industry with high quality photography showcasing diverse athletes. I love capturing the raw passion and energy of climbers in action. An important part of a good shot is the editing process. I usually spend hours during the week editing pictures from my weekend climbing trips. Lenovo’s technology is making my life a lot easier with fast processing speeds and a crisp screen.

Be a Part of the Journey

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Our Journey to Net-Zero

We’re committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, with targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative. This is a major milestone as we build a smarter future for all. .

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