Leigh-Kathryn Bonner

Leigh-Kathryn is a bee conservationist and Founder & CEO of Bee Downtown based in North Carolina.

My Mission

To modernize and increase interest for one of the oldest forms of agriculture, while encouraging corporations and cities to work together and create sustainable environments.

How Technology Plays a Role

With the rate that Bee Downtown is growing, we need reliable technology to help keep our busy beekeepers, account managers, and team connected while being constantly on the go. When the pandemic started all of our in-person employee engagement and leader development programming switched to virtual meetings. We built entirely new programs and in delivering these to our partners, found the programs were of interest to non-partner companies as well.

Through this, we created an entirely new revenue stream for Bee Downtown which means we’re using technology now more than ever before. Lenovo’s technology is crucial for us to keep up with the demand from our partners as well as producing educational materials.

Be a Part of the Journey

Follow us on Instagram (@beedowntown) to “bee” part of my #LenovoInnovators journey and support my mission.


Lenovo powers Lenovo

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