Marcelo Rocha

Marcelo is a climate and educational activist based in Brazil. He works in supporting and training black and favela youth on climate change.  

My Mission

To democratize knowledge and to think about a future of opportunities for everyone. My passion is to bring people together, make connections and amplify voices in a connection of past and future, technical knowledge, and traditional knowledge.

How Technology Plays a Role

Technology has been a great channel for me to increase awareness around sustainability and access to education.

Through the Lenovo Innovators Program, I will be able to expand my reach and reconnect people with nature, especially those who are in cities.

Be a Part of the Journey

Follow me on Instagram (@NosMarceloRocha) and TikTok (@NosMarceloRocha) to be part of my #LenovoInnovators journey and support my mission. 


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